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  1. The screws for the front are not correct,don't have an orginal one for a while.
  2. I managed with the pictures. Just tried it with a 134LR needle.fits wel,stitches are good too.
  3. ik heb de machine gekocht,i thought he had something. I wonder what kind of needle fits in it.16x2 is almost impossible to get. I want there V 69 and V 92 on use. what needle system do you use?
  4. Thank you constabulary. i am not good with computers. Then i better not take this one.but wait a bit,and look for a 45 with free neck.
  5. On marktplaats.nl leer naaimachine gebruikt voor patchwork. I can' manage to post a picture.the are too big.
  6. Sorry.i'll be home tonight,truying to post pics.just saw it's a necchi 17-537
  7. Hello Constabulary I dont no the model number.is on marktplaats . I can't get a picture on it.at the moment on the way. It has a grease tray on top of the machine,like the 45K1 i have. But behind the needle holder bar above,is a wider round groom hole,thre is even a red lubrication point on it.
  8. Hello everyone.i've been reading this great for a while.and i recently registered here. I can buy a necchi machine,but can't find it any where on the internet Its a free arm machine,singer and adler like. But...i think the head is not complete. Who can help me whith this?
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