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  1. Hello again, After some time fixing the binder itself in order to make it pull through the leather, now this is fixed. It pulls the leather as it should and makes the binding. But now I have another problem. The leather the slips on corners and does not get sewn. I have tried fixing this issue as well by cutting off 1 mm from the top side of the binder, it helped a little on the straight sections but continues to slip on corners. Is the problem on my side ( I am not very experienced ) or should I try and find another binder? If yes, any links would be greatly appreciated as I don't find many suppliers here locally.
  2. Hello again, It is a fixed binder, just a bracket that can be clipped to the needle plate and stay in place. The stitch length is normal when sewing through a cardboard. I've found out that the problem that I am having with the single fold binder is that my material ( faux leather around 1mm thick) is too tchick to get through the binder and creates too much friction which results in the machine not being able to feed through the material and pull it through the binder. This is why the stitch length gets shorter. This does not happen with a U shaped binder that does not fold the tape. I am planning on making a custom single binder with a bit more room for this kind of tape and hopefully this will resolve my problem. Regards, Georgi
  3. Hey Michael! Thank you for that link, it helped my set up the binder quite easily. Everything fits nicely and I have already tested it - it works . I wanted to try and bind a car mat with faux leather but the faux leather is quite stretchy and the issue that I am having is that the stitch length results shorter than it should normally be and also the thread gets easily thorn. Could this be due to the thread tensioning? Or if there might be another issue, could you please suggest what I might adjust in order to get it running as it should? Thanks!
  4. Hi Michiel, Than you for your reply! I want to ask you, have you ever changed the feed dog on your machine and if yes, how do you access it and also do you need to synchronise it when replacing the old with the news feed dog? I hope I don’t have any issues with mounting the feet and the binding bracket itself but I’m not really sure how to tackle the feed dog. Any information would be appreciated. Regards, Georgi
  5. Hello again! I guess there are not many of you using those kind of machines or at least have not had interchanged parts between those specific machines. I have ordered the binding kit for 269 and hope it will fit my 169. I have also found an official leaflet from DA saying that "Sewing feet and attachments interchangeable with Adler 69 and 169". Wish me luck! I will keep you updated if everything works out fine because I have been searching for this information for quite some time and there are not too many resources to find that info. I hope this will help the community and fellow leather workers. (I hope I do not violate the rules by posting an external link for the DA leaflet) link: https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/commons/download/download-text-attachments/Vintage_Leaflets_Adler/Leaflets_Adler_class_269.pdf Regards, Georgi
  6. Hello everybody! I have a DA 169-73 and want to convert this beautiful machine to a binder machine. I have been calling local dealer to try and source the parts but they couldn't really help. I found a topic on this forum where a Hong Kong shop was mentioned that produce spare parts for those machines. The problem is that I can only find parts for DA 269 (needle plate, feed dog, presser feet) and binding bracket for 869 (which they say also fits the 269). I have contacted them but they say that those parts have not been tested on a 169 machine and therefor they cannot guarantee they will fit my machine. My question is, has anybody tried swapping parts from 269 to 169 or vice versa and is this a solution to my problem? I have spoken with a few technicians locally ( I am from Bulgaria if it really matters lol) and they claim that the swap should work but I am not a 100 % convinced. Any information on the matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Regards, Georgi
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