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  1. I am starting to do leather work again after about 50 years. I am going through a relearning curve. I just finished a clutch purse. I made a few mistakes. The average person probably wouldn’t see them. Now I am starting on a clutch purse and handbag for my daughter. I am wanting to raise part of the flowers. Many years ago I did it to a holster I made. I don’t remember what the process is called. I do remember cutting a piece of leather the put under the part I wanted to raise. I just don’t remember the process. I know I had to sculpt the piece I was putting under the leather to raise it. I am sure it is in one of the many books I have from 50 years ago. I just didn’t want to wait until I ran across it. If anyone out there is close to my age that would know I would appreciate your help. Thanks, George
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