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  1. Give him a call and ask if he has any in stock by chance. Maybe someone ordered one and didn't have the money when it was done.
  2. I would double it up. Most tripping collars are pretty thick. If you don't build it rough side out. Here is a pic of a single ply Arizona style Breast collar. This is heavy Harness Leather
  3. Welcome to the site. You do very nice work glad you found the site.
  4. Terry Knipschield's Draw Gauge Blades are #1

    1. rawhide1


      I'm hoping for one for Christmas!!

  5. My Shop is a room in my house and it was getting real rough. We are having a party on Friday and my splitter blade is out for tune up so i figured I should clean the place up. Here are some pics for proof, I bet it will never look like this again. Well it is my idea of clean.
  6. I would epoxy and pin it as well. A drill press does the best job for me. I use 1/8 th inch brass rod. Heat a section long enough to pass through and stick out about 1/8 th of a inch on each side of the handle. When it is red hot dip it in water, this will aneal the brass and make it soft. Put a small counter sink in each side of the hole drilled through the handle and tang, keep the couner sinks small. Now install the pin and peen it until it mushrooms into the counter sinks and is snug (don't peen to much or you could crack the handle just till it is snug). File and sand until flush with the wood. It sounds like a pain but it doesn't take that long and it will look like it was done at the factory when you are finished. I have done three or four this way with good results.
  7. Yes he did. I wish I could have met him. Some of my Chap pattrens were taken off of old pattrens of his that a friend of mine still has. They are made out of paper more like file folder stock. that leather ws shipped in, one had a way bill dated 1916 on it.
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