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  1. Honestly, the cheapest way would likely be to buy the leather, a strap cutter, and make your own.
  2. TerryNoles

    Sh 1

    It always amazes me how the arts co-mingle, whether intentional or not. This is, in itself, a work of art. Alas, I am a relative newbie, without the funds for a piece like this...for now! I agree that this is a tool I would leave sitting out in the living area, on display for all to see.
  3. Yeah, sorry, I'm a Prime member, so for me, it listed as free shipping.
  4. https://www.amazon.ca/Tooling-Leather-Exclusive-Vegetable-Sepici/dp/B07VFQHGPV/ref=pd_vtp_4/142-5108245-9267019?pd_rd_w=0hYoe&pf_rd_p=431490c2-f123-449b-9c73-90456a348c29&pf_rd_r=29NK60FHMTF1X55YYZZ7&pd_rd_r=d5bb1e2a-76c1-4428-a4a5-0d6b1f4aea0f&pd_rd_wg=2t51o&pd_rd_i=B07VHRFGWR&th=1
  5. https://www.amazon.ca/Tooling-Leather-Exclusive-Vegetable-Sepici/dp/B07VFQHGPV/ref=pd_vtp_4/142-5108245-9267019?pd_rd_w=0hYoe&pf_rd_p=431490c2-f123-449b-9c73-90456a348c29&pf_rd_r=29NK60FHMTF1X55YYZZ7&pd_rd_r=d5bb1e2a-76c1-4428-a4a5-0d6b1f4aea0f&pd_rd_wg=2t51o&pd_rd_i=B07VHRFGWR&th=1
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