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  1. New point for reference. IMG_4864.heic IMG_4865.heic
  2. Here's a couple of pictures you might find helpful. Just note, that if you get this too close, you run a risk of breaking something and needing new parts. At that point, it'd likely be more expensive than paying someone else to do it. First is a picture of hook point clearance. Needs to be close. The manual excerpt above is spot on. As is the YouTube video. Set the hook point to be within the scarf, not on the eye of the needle. As far as sharpness on the hook, think of the tip of a good pair of pointed shears. The point should be like a triangle point, not beveled or blunt. Second is the physical location of the thread release finger / bobbin case opener. The YouTube video is as well. If you are confident with both of these being correct, start with tension next, as described by Wiz. IMG_4861.HEIC IMG_4857.HEIC
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