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  1. Thanks. Yes, the sandpaper i put is for a pack. Actually i think i have some 180,220, and 400 grit left in the garage. Just put it there so i dont forget ill also spend on small stuff like that.. Thanks.
  2. Yeah. I just put the most expensive there. I knew people would recommend more affordable pricking irons. Its where i can save the most money. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I want to start leatherworking as a hobby. I was hoping to keep the total around $500 (not including leather). I'm in the US. I'd like to make small leather goods like wallets, notebooks. I'd like tools that will last me a few years and just pay once. Here is a list of tools I think I need. With an estimate of the cost. It totals $682. Can anyone suggest alternatives to the more expensive items which I won't have to upgrade in a year? The more expensive items are the stitching irons, stitching pony, beveler, and maul. I don't know if I need a dedicated pattern knife of the xacto will be good, I know a lot of people seem to use the xacto. Thanks. exacto knife $6 ruler $10 Straight edge - already have one needles $9 thread $7 - just to start stitching irons $215 - I just put the most expensive one for computation. KS Blade Punch 2+10 3mm pulling block - free scratch awl $5 square $10 dividers / leather groover $10 - a tandy stitching groover washers for rounding corners $10 stitching pony $120 - dream factory. I'm sure there's a cheaper option. scissors/snip - already have these beveller 80 - I put the palosanto #2 here. I'm sure there's cheaper options slicker $10 beeswax $6 tokonole $11 cutting board/mat $25 card for templates $15 sanding block/sandpaper $8 maul/hammer $75 - barry king maul. skiving knife 50 - a friend is selling me a palosanto japanese knife which might be a good option.
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