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  1. I have had issues with 'Crazy Horse' leathers before from Tandy, but I suspect it is the makers of Crazy Horse chrome tanned leather. I recognize that leather on the tote as the stuff Tandy sells. If it comes into contact with any kind of oil it bleeds, I've made a personal belt that was crummy looking veg tan so I put Crazy Horse on the outside to stiffen the 7-8 oz and hide the marks on it. I just burnished the edges with water and that stuff bled onto my pants when it got wet in rain. I wiped it down with lacquer thinner, to remove excess dye, put carnauba wax on lightly and sealed the heck out of it and it stopped. Oh, I reburnished the edges with gum trag in my 4 foot belt pony with my drill burnisher. In my experience Crazy Horse leather is not always "colorfast" and needs to be sealed. Test it by rubbing a wet cloth with a drop of olive oil onto part of it and see if it bleeds. Sweat has oils and salts so it will affect some dyes you just have to expect. The big thing is that some cheap (and expensive too) chrome tan tends to bleed so always consider that. I seal with acrylic and if it does not soak in, then the leather was properly sealed before leaving the tannery. I still buy inexpensive import leather, but I test it before making anything with it, even a book cover. I do not see any situations where bleeding dye isn't a problem. Now I've never had Pro Dye come off after I still seal it so far especially considering I dip dye my belts. I seldom line my belts because I do not have a sewing machine so I use 10-12 oz leather, mostly Hermann Oak veg-tan for heavily carved and tooled belts. I learned my lesson on using a water based Antique Gel and let it get on the back of the belt without rubbing it off. Luckily it was a gift and no harm done as it washed out of my daughter's pants. I've noticed the bleed off dye from the Crazy Horse washed out too, but took two cycles through the wash. Was white pants. Luckily I do not live in California, but if anyone who does want some Pro Dye, you can buy Angelus Brand spirit dye directly from Angelus if you need to as they are in CA, Santa Fe Springs.
  2. You can get Angelus brand alcohol dyes in CA, call the company in Santa Fe Springs, CA. 562-325-8096 Tandy for some reason doesn't carry them in CA so people get the mistaken idea they are not available in CA, but they are made there and for sale.
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