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  1. Thank you tons! I've been searching and the Bona Allen's are the first I've seen that are at all similar. The only ones I've seen with the square skirt or whatever they're called. I spent thousands of enjoyable hours in that saddle. I always thought they called it a pleasure saddle. When I was a kid I rode bare back a lot just cuz the saddle was so heavy lugging it on and off the horse. Thanks again! I'm goin' snoopin' on the Allen's site!
  2. Hi, I'm in my 60's now. I purchased this saddle with $50 and a summer of mucking out a cow barn. That was 1973 and I was 13. It needs a good cleaning and I started that today. The only possible identification I can locate is what looks like a round stamp, half dollar size, that has been worn off for decades. I think it was already worn off when I took possession in the 70's. I'm thinkin' it was already 20-30 years old when I got it. The stamp is located on the seat right behind the pommel. I'm not even sure what type it is, reining, trail, etc. Would really appreciate any ideas... Thanks! Janis
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