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  1. Looks awesome! I'll bet everybody will be asking your son where he got it.
  2. Those are excellent resources, thanks!
  3. This is very cool! I've been thinking I want to make a new scabbard and 13th(-ish) century belt for my sword. I really don't like the scabbard it came with. I at least made a frog for it last year and liked being able to remove the scabbard for sitting and really wanted to find a way to blend the two like you've done. Now if I'll just finish the belt pouch I started maybe I'll be able to get to that. Assuming of course I can find the time to make the scabbard....
  4. Excellent work. I have in my mind that some day I want to try my hand at armor... some day lol
  5. Excellent work. My wife loves that movie too, and I bet your wife is going to love this.
  6. I had been hoping to find a granite slab for free and found it through craigslist. Took about a month of looking but finally found a very nice sizeable block from a small granite yard the owner had closed but left remnants outside the fence for free. 5miles and Offerup, and Facebook marketplaces would be other good sources. One thing I did find though, is after you do find one for free, suddenly you'll find it for free everywhere for a time lol.
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