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  1. Yeah, the two stamps makes sense. I had thought something was odd about the variation in the stamping but thought it was just odd overlapping. Thanks for the help.
  2. I've been trying to find this stamp without success. I know I've seen it other than in this picture but I can't seem to find it.
  3. That looks great, and I agree about the woodgrain look. Thanks for the video link showing how to do it. As far as what I've got going, I'm just waiting until after the first of the year for all the craziness to die down so I can drag my stuff back out and get to work.
  4. That's really sharp looking. I plan to do a wallet as my next project and now I'm tempted to do it in alligator lol.
  5. Nice work. I'm planning on doing a wallet for my next project.
  6. I'm thinking it's about time for a new wallet and since I'm learning this craft, why not make one? Seems like most of the ones I see are bi-fold though, and I prefer a tri-fold. For those who've done both, is there any real difference in making them?
  7. Really nice work. I've been thinking once I get a little more experience under my belt I'd make a cover for my wife's Bible. Not sure I could do the machine stitching though, I've never used any kind of sewing machine and I'm not sure the wife's would handle leather. If I have to hand stitch it though, no biggie.
  8. So I'm still in the very early planning stage of making a scabbard for my sword. The core will be wood with a leather outer. I'm still very new to leather working but I do know that using a chrome tan with a sword is a bad idea and using veg tan is really the way to go. But, I was wondering if using an oil tan would work. I didn't know if the oils would protect the steel from the salts in the leather, or if maybe the wood core would be enough to protect it.. I'm mainly asking because I have some nice oil tan I'd like to use for it, but if veg tan is really the only way to go that's what I'll do.
  9. Awesome, thanks. I always forget about trying the wayback machine for sites that won't load. Good info there. Also good to know about the "buckle". I had wondered if the rivets would be a problem, but figured you'd have mentioned it if they had been.
  10. How did you determine the lengths you needed to do the two sections of the belt? More specifically I guess, how long to cut the sections for the lacing.
  11. Looks awesome! I'll bet everybody will be asking your son where he got it.
  12. Those are excellent resources, thanks!
  13. This is very cool! I've been thinking I want to make a new scabbard and 13th(-ish) century belt for my sword. I really don't like the scabbard it came with. I at least made a frog for it last year and liked being able to remove the scabbard for sitting and really wanted to find a way to blend the two like you've done. Now if I'll just finish the belt pouch I started maybe I'll be able to get to that. Assuming of course I can find the time to make the scabbard....
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