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  1. I can't believe that this is the only post that describes my current issue but is NOT any of the recomended things to try to alleviate the issue. I have narrowed it down to the needle bar area. At the beginning of the downstroke it sqeak's. It started today, slightly and not every stitch, but has got worse regardless of being properly lubed, with or without thread. There were no accidents and the machine is tuned to the same as the day I got it. I have tried everything I know to do (and I'm not new to sewing on these machines) but it has me stumped and hoping the good folks here have a recommendation to point me in a good direction.
  2. I just wanted to give my process, cause the more the merrier right?! I ONLY use oil and ETOH based dyes. After drying I buff our the piece until nothing comes off onto my cotton rag. Then I hand rub in Neatsfoot oil thoroughly, let dry for a day (sometimes a little less). Wipe down again until it looks polished. (I have also gotten into the habit of always having nitrile gloves on when dyeing) Next I use airbrush set up with 70/30 tap water to Resoline mix. I make approximately 1 pint at a time and keep it in a glass jar that has a glass lid w/rubber gasket and a wire type clasp that keeps it sealed when not being used. EVERYTIME I go to pour more I stir prior to filling my airbrush cup with a strainer. Spray several light coats (not too light) and make sure they are completely dry prior to spraying the next coat. Finally once COMPLETELY dry I buff with a new shoeshine MIT and the finish is flawless! I also use Angelus paints and have NEVER had the Resoline lift it off. Hope this helps someone in need Be safe out there Paul
  3. I agree totally. Just received a hide today that literally looks like half of the flesh side was dragged through gravel which has dramatically changed everything about that part of the hide. Also if I purchase something, say 10-12oz I would expect (unless otherwise stated) for the thinnest part of the hide to be 10 and thickest being 12?! Or have I been wrong all these years lol
  4. Looking to purchase a creasing/embossing machine new but figured I would ask around first for a used model before throwing out that kind of $$$$. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys and gals! I'm new to the site but not to leather work. I am curious about what other folks as yourselves think is the point of complaint when it comes to receiving your leather hides from the supplier? Is it the weight that's off, quality of the hide itself, and what specifically about the quality has to not meet expectations before you contact the supplier? Reson I ask is lately I have received some hides from a couple of suppliers as of late that is less then desirable ( not buying craftsman grade) in weights and overall quality. Want to make sure that it's not me being too picky. Thanks in advance
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