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  1. Oh wow, really? I actually have a huge container of it already, but I was using it for other crafts. I didn't know that could be used for leather too. I'll definitely try it!
  2. I've been glueing gemstones to my rings using Gorilla Glue, but I'm curious if there is a better type of glue out there that is better for strong bonds?
  3. This is so cool! Is the blue part a lining you glued on, or is it all one piece of leather?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Micaela, also known in internet circles as Dia or Crystallink. I am very much a newcomer to the world of leathercraft, having only been tinkering with the medium for a few months. I am mainly a character artist/illustrator, but I also love dabbling in other crafts and mediums (watercolor painting and making, hand sewing, a bit of knitting, clay sculpting and even some doll customization). Leathercraft was one thing I at first hesitated to get into because of how expensive it can get. But I was also drawn to how versatile the medium is, and all the beautiful items I've seen people made. After buying my first box of scrap leather and tinkering with it with my beginner tool set for a good while, I think I can safely say that I want to hone my skills and work my way up to doing larger projects. So far I've been starting out with rings, since they are the smallest and most simple thing I found I could tinker with without feeling bad about wasting large amounts of leather, and I discovered they're way more comfortable for me to wear than metal rings. I ended up going a bit crazy and creating a lot of them. I decided to sell most of them on my Ko-fi shop, so you can take a peek there to see what I've done so far: https://ko-fi.com/crystallink/shop If you're interested in my digital illustration, please check out my portfolio! (I'm a freelancer, so if anyone needs a mascot or a character based logo for thier business, or artwork for personal uses, I'd be interested in working with you!) https://crystallinkcreations.com Recently I've decided to step things up and try making a bracelet. This is my first one. It was done a bit hastily, so I know the crafstmanship looks a bit crappy. I'm hoping to better hone my skills and make these look more professional!
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