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  1. 14chow

    Bag for Dad

    I watched this and made a similar pattern. forgive the sloppiness but here’s some dimensions:
  2. 14chow

    Bag for Dad

    Thanks everyone. I made him a dopp bag too (Michigan state liner) and two little knife holsters, one for each side since not sure what pocket he keeps his knife.
  3. 14chow

    Bag for Dad

    Thank you. Thanks.
  4. 14chow

    Bag for Dad

    Take it easy on me, still new with leather. Watched a Weaver video where someone made something similar so decided to make my Dad one for a Xmas gift for his truck to store some stuff or to use as range bag sort of thing. Messed up the pattern on the front and back pockets; should of been bigger pockets and also had some sewing mis-steps. Didn’t go to the trouble of edging and burnishing except for the handles since a tool bag but likely would of looked better if I did the pockets at least. Maybe next time lol. But he turns 80 in a couple of weeks so I’m sure he will like it as is! The leather was some cheap oil tanned leather and was sewed with the Weaver Cub with 138 thread except for the bottom of the sides, which I hand sewed since I’m still learning how to get the most out of the stitcher. My wife picked up some deer patterned fabric from JoAnns the other day so line it with that since he’s a big deer hunter. Overall, several things I would do different but had fun so there that! Thanks for looking! Ben
  5. The difference all in was around $900 when I got it. Manual is fine for holsters and the like but gets old fast doing a belt.
  6. I know an old thread, but wanted to see if anyone ended up motorized one and if so how’d it work out.
  7. Is this the current list of what’s available? Thanks, Ben
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