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  1. Yeah ive watched all of Nigeria Armitage pricking iron reviews and sinabroks seems to be my favourite so far qhen looking closely at the stitching.
  2. Regarding a Japanese leather knife. Which do you prefer or do you use both? Handles can restrict the angle of the skive, where as no-handle won't be as comfortable in the hand. I was going to buy an Osborne skiving knife but have seen i can get 2 from blanchard for almost less than the osbourne. Overall they aren't thst prices for a lifetime tool. Tia.
  3. Anyobe use these? Im interested in the xtool d1 20w or the laser pecker which I think is 5w. I'm wondering if theblaser pecker is all you need to engrave leather? The xtool d1 20w is very appealing and can be used with other materials. This could allow me to have a broader range of items handmade. But, looking for advice and experience from users. I've also looked into co2 lasers, the k40 being very popular but thats more of a project build qith needing addons/ upgrades and so on, as well as having a smaller work area compared to the 2 diode laser machines above. Tia.
  4. What printer is a goto printer for making leather stamps, patterns, debossed embossed etc, also for personalised name stamps etc. Tia.
  5. What brands do you have or recommend for a buy once keep forever quality of tool? I'm not looking for the most expensive, or £$200 per tool. Id just prefer to buy decent steel than buy cheap throw away tools, and I'm not sure of all the brands. Atm I'm looking into Japanese skiving knives but also want suggestions for others tools to collect.
  6. I'm looking (but struggling) to find an exotic hide supplier, ideally within the UK or who can import into the UK. Some US companies can but come with big fees ontop of the leather and shipping price. I'm yet to find anyone in the EU, and I'm not sure how trust worthy the more Eastern sites are, such as Veitnam etc. I'm interested in all exotics for leather craft, bags, cash holders etc. I'm very interested in crocodile, alligator, snake, ostrich. I'm aware that no endangered species can be imported but not all alligator, croc species are endangered. Are there any in here who can advice me on this and provide legitimise sources that we can use in the UK. Thanks.
  7. Do they ship to the UK? Some US suppliers charge additional fees for CITES certificate skins.
  8. Not all alligator or crocodile species on that list are endangered. Some are listed as 'threatened'. You can still import those skins to the UK to craft.
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