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  1. Thanks for the compliment and the in-depth reply. The chair is from a Popular Woodworking video & Chris Schwarz book on Campaign Furniture. Based on what YinTx and you've said, I'll try the saddle soap and if it works, seal it. If not, I'll dye the arm straps black and leave the rest natural, since it seems to be developing a more pleasing, even patina. I'd been planning on blackening the maple cross dowels with some vinegar/steel dye, so black arm straps might look good with that.
  2. Ok, thanks. I’ll try saddle soap and see what happens. Glad to know dyeing is still an option.
  3. Thanks. I didn’t use a top coat, so I guess I should have expected this sort of uneven wear but I'd been hoping it would turn more brown than grey. In person it looks grimy. I've been watching vinegar/steel wool staining on YouTube and wondering about turning the whole thing black. I suppose I'll put some neatsfoot oil on a sample piece and see how it works. I used water to slick the edges.
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem with discolouration of my first leather project. It's a leather sling/safari/campaign style chair made with Tandy's 9 oz Oakleaf veg tan. I gave the seat and arm straps a coat of neatsfoot oil but haven’t got around to doing the back yet. After using it for a couple months, I'm finding that the areas my skin contacts the leather are turning an ugly, grimy grey. I've been hand washing even more than regularly due to the pandemic, so I have a hard time believing that dirt is being transferred from my hands and elbows. It seems more like a chemical thing. I'm totally new to this and had noticed that slicking the edges would often turn them greyish pink but didn’t know if that was normal. So I'm trying to figure out a simple way of darkening it all and thought I'd ask here before putting money towards experiments. I'd be willing to go all the way to black if needed. I'm wondering if the neatsfoot oil is going to be an issue. Thanks, Paul EDIT: just to be clearer, I'm happy that it's getting darker and patinated but want the ugly grey tone to be less noticeable.
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