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  1. I have over 12 years of repairing leather motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle racing suits, as well as patches for jackets etc. I have made leather jackets and the patterns and leather wallets and handbags including 25 years sewing experience from Tailoring suits to making wedding gowns.
  2. What do you recommend doing from once you get it off the animal(larger animals…deers, coyotes etc…for example how do you get the fur off… the process… a friend of mine did a cow, but she said was very heavy to work with….is it similar to smaller animals?
  3. O and maybe use as a strap stand lol
  4. For my Beretta 92FS I am new to working with this type of leather and I have not got into tooling yet. There are mistakes and so much thought went into getting the pattern made. Probably would be more suited for a revolver, but revolvers are not my thing.
  5. They were a gift…I may make some shoes sometime!
  6. That’s pretty awesome….looks very time consuming lol….I haven’t got there yet…
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