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  1. The full size version is $135 and the mini is $55. Either table will fit your machine. I charge $135 because 3/16" thick aluminum with markings for seams and the attached pieces are expensive. Unfortunately :-( thanks for linking to my shop! Happy new year.
  2. I do, There are two versions. The full size table and the mini. Both are located in my shop under 441/Class 4/ TS 5100 as the casting of the machines are very similar. https://www.etsy.com/shop/RecentRelicsDesigns if you have any questions, please let me know
  3. I am new to the group but found it because I made an extension table for my TechSew 2750. Through my work with other machine owners, I have been able to confirm the designs work on a few other machines so I made a design for the TechSew 4800 and TechSew 2700. I have confirmed the table for the TechSew 2750 works on the Cobra Class 26 and Cowboy 341. I have not confirmed if it fits a Juki 341 though (still looking for an owner to test fit the pattern) TechSew 4800 is the same as the Thor GC-1341. Still looking for a Juki 1340-41-42 owner to test fit the design. TechSew 2700 fits the New Tech GC-8B but I am still looking for owners of Cowboy, Consew and Seiko owners to confirm if their machine fits this design. After Labor Day, I am going to work with a TechSew 5100 owner (similar to Cobra Class 4 and others) to see if a design can be made. If you have a machine that this table many work with, please let me know. 2750 table install video.mp4
  4. I came up with a table design for the Juki 341 and its clones (of which the Cobra Class 26 falls). its easier to remove and install than the current option. I sell the design on Etsy if you are interested in another option. 2750 table install video.mp4
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