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  1. Hey everyone I think the issue is that pieces were missing from both machines, including the walking foot so when I was turning the wheel the needle and walking foot were moving but nothing there to press down to fire off the presser foot I guess and complete the motion. Thankfully should be an easy fix when I get ahold of some replacement parts , really excited to get new servo motors on these and put them to work as they were severely neglected. Current set up is a juki 1508 , consew 206r, and then these two 206rbl and 226r. Thank you all for the help as I’m new to all of this, about a year in mainly working with marine vinyl looking to move into leather and heavier material soon!
  2. Hi consew 206 and 226 both presser feet raise with lever but not when turning the wheel? Hopefully an easy fix please and thanks
  3. Hi guys cant find a manual anywhere for this consew 206rbl-1. Not a rbl1-18 or 25 or 30...it’s an older rbl-1. Please help I’m trying to get it up and running again
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