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  1. Thanks. I appreciate the info I’ll try and find some if not I’ll give it a try
  2. I have a vintage consew embossing machine I need embossing wheels that go with this machine does anyone have any or know where I can get them thanks
  3. He picked it up and is sold thanks for checking back
  4. Is it still forsale I’m in no and am interested and can pickup email me at jimpasch1@gmail.com
  5. Are died still available I’m in nj thanks Also what is price for all thanks
  6. Waiting for guy to pick up it’s been two weeks check back at end of next week thanks
  7. Thanks so much for info I was told bobbin had to always be less. But I’m new to the industrial leather machines so I appreciate your help have a great day
  8. Got a cobra model 26 with top thread weight of 138 what weight bobbin thread should I use
  9. When skiving I always get a line on top of leather from presser foot. Loosening the tention does not help does anyone hss as be any suggestions. I have a techsew skiving machine
  10. Cowboy leather splitter 20” 3 month old bought for a large contract that fell through total with tax and shipping was 3300 selling for 2500 local pickup no shipping 300 pounds it a two men carry in located in nj. Please e mail with any questions you may have jimpasch58@gmail.com will consider a 4 ton clicker press as partial trade
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