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  1. Thanks. I have the air assist with the laser as well as an inline fan to extract the fumes out of my machine. Hope that should be good enough?
  2. I bought an Omtech 60W laser, due to arrive any day now, to sell engraved leather wallets. I am talking to a supplier who will provided me the finished product (veg-tan, dyed and waxed) leather wallets which I will then engrave for customers. So far I have learnt that veg-tan is a must but are there other things I should be wary of? Is it better to ask my supplier to send the wallet without dye and I dye it myself after engraving? I also read a lot about soaking leather first before engraving but is that something that I need for the finished, dyed wallets as well? Appreciate any and all guidance. TIA.
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