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  1. Thanks so much for the reply. I truly appreciate it. Here is a link to the machine I purchased and to my eyes it looks like the same thing as a 4800 and not a 2750 (again I'm new and techsew is my only real frame of reference.). This company is selling a cb341 and it looks different (does not have the top knob). Any ideas or am I mistaken? I called and spoke to Richard and we spoke for at least an hour on Friday and I made the purchase over the phone. I am going to call again tomorrow and ask about the model number confusion (Down under vs Yanks). I'm sure he covered this but I had so many numbers and options coming at me, it was like drinking from a firehose. I'm also going to clarify I will need a lift gate as he only charged me $250 for shipping and delivery (as well as verify setup...it is indicated on the post). If I get everything listed on this post it seems as though it is is a good deal. https://industrialsewingmachineman.com/machines/mach.asp?dir=sewmach&brand=Cowboy&Model=CB6900&ProductType=Industrial+Straight+Stitch+Machines
  2. I just ordered a Cowboy CB6900 and am a bit confused on which machine it is a clone of. I want to be able to read up on it as well as purchase presser feet, feed dogs, needle plates and parts as needed. I have searched and read all posts related to CB6900 and a few were confusing (I think it is known under different model numbers depending on location). Can someone help me out with what would be the best search criteria here and for parts on the web? To clarify which machine it is it has the presser foot adjustment dial on top and it looks like a techsew 4800 (which I'm sure they are clones of something !!) This is my first industrial machine (I have a sailrite ls1 that I like but I have reached a point where it's limitations are holding me back) so I have a ton to learn and want to read as much as I can. I know this site has a ton of knowledge but I know so little that I can't even search properly. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. What is the status of your kit? Is it still available? I live in Kingman and can come take a look.
  4. Is this still available? I just found this and am interested. I'm right down the road in Kingman AZ Have a great day
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