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  1. Thank you both very much. I ended up ordering some hardware from buckleguy. The prices for their watch hardware are amazing. Then I did call Springfield and they're customer service is incredible. Hard to find customer service like that these days. A young lady (can't remember her name) helped me pick out a couple of their inexpensive sides at a price you can't complain about. They were VERY helpful and I highly recommend doing exactly that if you are in my position. Call them up and they will set you straight. She even hand picked out 2 of the better looking sides in the color and weight that I needed. Highly recommend. Thank you both for your recommendations. Both worked out wonderfully
  2. So I'm sure this has been covered. I've tried to search for this and have only gotten varying results. So if this has been covered and I missed it, I'm sorry. So I'm new to leather craft and I'm just learning. My question is where should I get leather from? I'm mostly making watch straps and other small items currently. What is a good leather type and weight to use? Should I get cheap leather from Springfield to start out? I see they have $30 or $40 sides. That's pretty cheap and I know the quality will vary greatly. But that's soooo cheap compared to what's out there. Not even 10% of the cost of most good quality leather. But I'd this good for learning? I won't be selling anything off the bat until I get my skills in order. Also for watch straps... I've seen many different results on what weight leather and type ppl use. Veg tan? Oil tan? Someone please point me in the direction of some decent cheap leather to learn on that will be good for making watch straps. Thank you all so much
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