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  1. I think it is awesome just as it is. No need for an Angelious coat. If it was given to me it would be one of my most cherished possessions just because of all the thought and time you invested in it.
  2. A work of Art!!! I would wear that out any day and I live in the desert.
  3. Funny how a simple design can be so pleasing when executed extremely well. They are awesome.
  4. I have read all posts on this question. Either I am slow or I am not seeing the answer I need. I am willing to buy the gold star press. But I can't figure out which die set is equivalent to the line 20 and 24 snaps from their list of dies... Please someone just tell me which ones to order. This is an older post so I hope to get a response. Thank you all this seems like a get resource for information.
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