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  1. Finally got the machined cleaning finished today. Need to get it all oiled now!
  2. Thanks Wizcrafts & CowboyBob for explaining that.
  3. What is the difference in thread size for the standard hook #33-B1830-563-0A0 and the heavy thread hook #42-B1830-563-BA0 that is used in the LU-563?
  4. Thanks for that CowboyBob, Cleaning the machine will be this weeks project. Yes, I do have a Pontiac. It’s a 64 Lemans, that is a GTO clone.
  5. Handstitched, That’s a good idea! Never thought of that. I’m always thinking cleaning on heavy equipment. I’ll be looking into finding some. Thanks
  6. Thanks kgg and nylonRigging for the suggestions. The machine is not bound up. I sewed with it before I bought it. Everything works as it should. Will do a little of both, some fuel, brushes and compressed air blow off. Then lube everything. Thanks again!
  7. Hi to everyone! I’m new to the site. Lots of knowledge to be gained here. Just got a Consew 226. Mechanisms are good but needs a little TLC. It came from an upholstery shop, so it has a good bit of dust build up around the oiled parts. Like to know the best way to clean / degrease it. Didn’t want to use a water based product like Gunk, that used for cleaning engines. So I wouldn’t have to dry it off / out. Thanks!
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