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  1. Thx. Just to confirm, you would fill the teeth on the feed dogs and buy a smooth presser foot from ali express. Is that correct? If so, I will have to research filling feed dogs with JRB weld to make smooth feed dog. thx
  2. thx. sailrite has three smooth feet set. the one i posted earlier, for fabricator and 111 machines one for ultra feed ls https://www.sailrite.com/Smooth-Foot-Set-for-Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LS-1-Leatherwork-Sewing-Machine?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw5_PwYqIggMV80lHAR15QQRuEAQYAiABEgKIZ_D_BwE and one for ultra feed lsz https://www.sailrite.com/Smooth-Foot-Set-for-Sailrite-Ultrafeed-LSZ-Sewing-Machine?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw5_PwYqIggMV80lHAR15QQRuEAQYASABEgLH1fD_BwE is it possible that you were referencing one of the other feet/feed dog set? thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a consew 206RB-4 and a Juki LU-563. Both have servos and speed reducers. I have yet to enter into fabricating with leather. At this time I have no aspirations to sew very thick leather that would require a more powerful machine. I am looking at using some light weight deer leather to make some small items. I ran across the sailrite smooth leather foot set (link below) and and trying to find out if the foot and feed dog are compatible with either of my machines. Does anyone know if this product is compatible with either of my machines OR if there are any other vendor provided smooth feet and smooth feed dog? https://www.sailrite.com/Leather-Delicate-Foot-Set-for-Sailrite-Fabricator?gclid=CjwKCAjw7c2pBhAZEiwA88pOF4HGGhwCprTbxMNV3ZQ-2UtjNevgkCASoAo6WZ2ya4syTTSttP_1pRoClAcQAvD_BwE i tend to be a gear junkie and would rather purchase smooth feet and feed dog rather than grind and fill standard feed dog and feet. That said, I will grind and fill if it comes to that. I have an email inquiry out to sailrite, but thought someone here may have had experience with this. any help, experience or ancedotes are much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thank you. @Jhunter13 walked me through this when I was at the sellers property. It is belt drive. I can see the cutout. I line it up with the disk, but it doesn’t appear to catch. I tried holding a screw driver on the disk and was able to turn the hand wheel, so it appears it is not stuck. I just can’t get the stitch length button to catch the indent. Looking at it, from a weird angle, it appears to not be centered in the cutout. Maybe it could also be the button was ground down from improper use? How would you remove and re-install the stitch length button? And if it is not the button being too short, can you recommend how I would adjust the “left/right” of the disk so the button is in line with it? much appreciated,
  5. Thanks for the info. I didn’t see anything stamped that would make me think it was an original Juki. But as long as it is Juki level quality, I should be good.
  6. Thanks. Are you familiar with any differences with rebadged (assumed Juki produced and chandler put it’s name on the machine) versus clone (where I assume it was made in China to same specs as the original Juki)?
  7. Hello again, Thanks for all the help on the Consew 206-RB4 I acquired previously. Since then, I have added a speed reducer and am very pleased with that machine. That said, I ran across a deal on a Juki LU-563 clone or re-badge. A Chandler Chandsew / CU563. It sewed fwd and reverse. There is a minor hiccup with the button for stitch length selection. It might need replaced or just some oiling. It won't catch in the detent to allow changing stitch length. And it is missing the nose cone? / side plate. Both should be easy fixes. Anyway, after I clean it up, fix the selector and time/setup I am considering using it for purely binding or leather or maybe both. I started looking at Uwe's videos and will work with them when setting up. Does anyone have information on this chandler? meaning is it a re-badge of a juki or a clone made by someone else? Also, can anyone point me to pdf downloads of owners manual, service manual and parts manual? Much appreciated! Tom
  8. Thanks @suzelle! The tri-flow clear synthetic in both bottom and top gear casings. No problems so far, but I am now in the stages of timing machine and replacing some wear parts. So no real sewing per se, just running the machine a little to disburse the oil and grease. I am following 2 - two hour YouTube’s from MTRC Crane on maintaining/setting up the machine. Got stuck earlier today with a stuck screw and @Jhunter13 helped me out with advice to unstick it. So I am back on track. His videos have 18 steps, I am on step 4 now.
  9. Thanks @suzelle! I have and use tri-flow oil and grease in my vintage domestics. I refilled my lower grease box with tri-flow grease. Going to actually open the top grease box and re-fill with tri-flow grease today. I found the right screws to open it up. I am leaning to just using regular Lily White sewing machine oil for the consew. It has been good for others for years and I am reluctant to put some other liquid into where it will go through the wicks. I am not sure how the wicks would react to that. It may be much ado about nothing, but nevertheless, I won’t have to worry about any wick issues with lily white.
  10. I finally was able to order a bunch of parts for the machine from diamondneedle.com. They had all the parts. I called and spoke with someone there a few hours ago with my order. She confirmed that they were there and they put the order through on a Friday afternoon. Should be here early next week. I am only about 1.5 hours away from their actual place of business. I am going to change the grease in the two "grease boxes" tonight or tomorrow, not sure of the technical name, but that is what I'll call them for now. I watched a youtube from Alexander Dyer https://youtu.be/O254enp8xWs and he goes into replacing the grease, but did not use any grease gun to totally fill the grease box. I have two resized pictures of the "grease boxes". I cannot help but to think that those 2 holes were put there so some type of grease gun could be used to fill with grease. So, my latest question is this, once I change the grease, should I be "squirting" grease into those ports with a "grease gun" to ensure complete filling of the grease boxes? FYI, I plan on using tri-flow clear synthetic grease. And my final question for this post, are there any reason NOT to use tri-flow clear synthetic grease?
  11. I did not order parts yet. I came down with a virus that set me back a few days. I plan on getting the machine set up in my work area this weekend before ordering. The bobbin winder looks like I might need to replace it too. And maybe a couple other small parts to have as backup. I want to find all I need before making an order. the 206RB4 takes M bobbins. I think, from smaller to larger, the bobbins are G, M and U. @Jhunter13 has a juki LU-563 clone that takes U bobbins. He may have input for you with his experience on sourcing U bobbins. I did order M bobbins and a set of presser feet from Amazon. The bobbins fit and do not bind when I am hand turning the machine. I have not sewed with them yet. From the seller, it looks like he liked the pre wound bobbin thread. I try to stay away from eBay and sometimes Amazon when it comes to these parts. I wanted to order from sewingpartsonline, but they had some parts back ordered. And with them, it is a guessing game as to when parts will come in. please let me know how your order from diamond needle goes. I’ll be putting an order in soon.
  12. Awesome! The place is a little over an hour away from me, but it does not look like they have a retail presence. Also, minimum $30 order. I am going to call them tomorrow to check on availability of parts I need. good luck!
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