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  1. Afternoon all. I was wondering if anyone knew the color of Fenice Matte Plus that closest matches fiebings pro dye in saddle tan? I was looking at walnut but it looks a little lighter.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I might try a few brands based on who says they like what to try to find what I will like. I have heard Vernis 600 is great as well. Will definitely try those two and probably throw fenice into the equation as well.
  3. Hey all. I'm looking for recommendations on edge paint that can be heated. I have a heat creaser that has an adjustable temperature from 140°F to 900°F. Right now I use pro dye and tokonole on natural veg tan and the result is great but I'm wanting to experiment for the best shine on chrome tan. Thanks!
  4. 1/2", 3/4", and 1" oblong punches. Various things.
  5. Right. That's what I'm worried about lol. I appreciate the help.
  6. Would either of you happen to have the measurements of the oblong cutters? Metric or standard is fine with me.
  7. I appreciate the link. The issue is, they look yhr same as what's offered on Amazon, bad welds with uneven cutting edges, but I won't cut the rope yet. I'll give it a browse and see if there are indeed good ones hidden amongst the list lol.
  8. Good morning all! I'm looking for a set of oblong punches that don't utilize a handle. Kind of like cookie cutters. I've always just punched two round holes then connected them with an xacto until recently when i bought a weaver master tool oblong. The handle though is offset and can sometimes make a straight punch challenging for me. I recently watched a video by hahns atelier on youtube and he used punches that don't have handles exactly like I'm describing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no real required budget and want something of quality and durability. Buy once, cry once. Thanks!
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