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  1. Thank you mr.gibson.i admire your work.
  2. Yes!!!, I love it!, let's stick together.
  3. Hello guys, I'm back from visiting with mr.gonzales.the visit is one I will never forget.we had a discussion on possible saddlemaking courses in the future.also,he gave me a tip:start with doing your own repairs,tearing down old saddles and discovering the work of the maker.finally,he left me with a game plan on "working up" to building saddles by doing general leatherwork and gaining experience.these "nuggets of gold" are worth their weight in gold and exactly the point of the trip.
  4. Beautiful work!, thank you for sharing your work with us.
  5. On my way to DG saddlery today, it's going to be a life-changing experience.
  6. Thank you!, I believe he is a very special person.i feel so happy,that finally,we can improve with his videos,attend the online schools,and able to ask questions.
  7. Hi guys,mr.gonzales contacted me and we set up an appointment!.I have been wanting to meet him very much.as you know,I'm just starting and appreciate any constructive criticism and pointers.i look forward to taking another step in the leatherwork laberyinth.
  8. I just joined the group and consider myself blessed to be among some of our country's best.
  9. Awesome job!, I know I just met you,but can you please give me some details about the saddle school?.I'm from south Texas and seeking knowledge on saddlemaking.
  10. Hello guys,I would like to introduce myself to this group.my name is Manuel Anthony hinojosa.im51 lifelong cowboy, jockey etc.i live in a deep south Texas town named robstown.were right outside the corpus Christi city limits.i joined yesterday,so I'm brand spank in' new!.first,I would like to say what an honor it is to be new at saddlemaking among your ranks.i have many questions about the awesome process of building a sure 'nuff western saddle.with that, I close my introduction.continue to be blessed.
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