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  1. ....the missing rotating mass would explain why it runs so unwillingly. i saw the picture of the catalogue speaking of the -80subclass, i think it was availble on one of your older posts, thanks nevertheless! does anybody know how much play this shuttle usually have, or is allowed to have in order to work properly?
  2. there is just a roller instead of the lower tension assembly
  3. hi constabulary, thanks for your opinion. the needle has the scarf to the right . i will see if i will be able to adjust the height of the needle bar. is that blade spring-thingy part of every singer 45k? even without jumpfoot? the issue with the shuttle is just that i dont know what machine i own and buying one new chinashuttle or whatever is its origin, is pure chance has somebody tried to let the thead run through a piece of a candle, to reduce friction? the needles like to get stuck, even without thread.
  4. @uwe many thanks also to you for the extensive and patient reply i got the shuttle driver moved farther away (right) from the needle, about 1mm, polished with a felt biffing wheel the shuttle and bobing casing and removed the dragmarks on the shuttle hook, where the thread liked to snag, the overall improvement is marginal. i might consider a new shuttle, bit dont know what machine, which subclass i actually have- does it have to match most of all the shuttle driver ( jimi ruled out other pairments earlier) . how much play does it have normally? right now its about 1,5mm and tilting around the swivel axis is also significant, unable to measure that. the actual shuttle:
  5. hi jimi, i post some pictures, but i can already tell from what you are saying that my worries, that is some kind of concoction, is coming true... so the matching shuttle i am going to match with the driver?
  6. hi glenn, thanks for taking the time to answer! 1. it does it with all kind of needle sizes and tips and thread sizes 2. i know 3. how do i achieve that? geometry of holes is given 4. i have no idea what subclass that is. i post a pic of the maxhine as a whole.
  7. ...anothe issue is the super high tension of the lower thread, and that it seems to get caught on the shuttle (-racer???). see picture. does that part normally have 1.5mm of give axially?
  8. Hi there, I am new and not with english as my first language, so apologies. 3 days ago I traded a Singer 45k flatbed, for something else, without really having a chance to try it for real. I am not happy with it, the sometimes the needle comes up with the thread tangled around among many other things. Now that I have it lying on my workbench i come to notice that the needle touches the part the shuttle racer is in ( simanco 98607). is that normal? it seems to be eating up my needles. can i move the whole assembly away from the needle, towards the handwheel (right). I also have come to notice that the needle is awkwardly close to the right of the hole of the pressure foot. Doesnt change with different needles. could the needle bar be bent? could this upper part be changed in inclination?
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