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  1. @SBrown I had been thinking Lapping would smooth out any roughness. Moot point now, I opted for a Barry King which, I’m happy to report is plenty smooth as is.
  2. Thanks for posting that! If y’all had one for the class 26 that would be pretty cool too..
  3. @toxo what do we call that closure and where can a guy find one? Again, nice looking kit!!
  4. I dig the color and “marbeled” sort of effect! Very nice.
  5. @kseidel thanks for the info and the recommendations. I appreciate it!
  6. @kseidel I generally tend to agree with the buy once cry once philosophy. Is there brand in particular you would recommend? As to what I would like to carve, anything really but I had been thinking floral. @Leescustomleather thanks,I will check out those offerings.
  7. @fredk thanks for the tip! I may still have some lapping compound from brownells;; might be worth a go.
  8. @tsunkasapa Thanks and you’r right; I may not like it. I was thinking buying a decent one now would save me from having to upgrade later. Perhaps they are all pretty similar ?
  9. Hey guys, I was wanting to try my hand at carving but wasn’t sure what knife or tools to buy. I was looking at Berry Kings as I have some edgers from them that I like. Any opinions about these? There are multiple size options as well, is one better? I appreciate any and all input! Thanks!
  10. @RockyAussie thanks! Still trying to figure all of this out.
  11. Hey guys, Is there a rule of thumb regarding material thickness? Would a thinner leather require more or less tension to get a good stitch? I’m flying blind here and having a rough time finding good information. Thanks!
  12. The “manual” provided leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to be assumed the user already knows all about the machine.
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