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  1. @RockyAussie thanks! Still trying to figure all of this out.
  2. Hey guys, Is there a rule of thumb regarding material thickness? Would a thinner leather require more or less tension to get a good stitch? I’m flying blind here and having a rough time finding good information. Thanks!
  3. The “manual” provided leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to be assumed the user already knows all about the machine.
  4. @Flatcapper maybe when you get your machine you can show me how to use mine. I’d pay $$ . Good luck.
  5. @dikman thanks for the encouragement. I’m still looking for a class of some type to expedite that “long slow process”.
  6. @Flatcapper to be honest I’ve more or less given up on it.
  7. @MtlBikerThanks I will get a bunch! I just spent the afternoon trying to adjust the thread tension. For a device designed to speed things up it certainly consumes a LOT of time!
  8. @Kgg Thanks for the info. How often does one need to change a needle? When the break? Get dull? Is there a good book on the subject of machine sewing you would recommend? I was already intimidated by how much I didn’t know, now I’m pretty sure I need formal lessons. F’it! HAND STICHING it is!!!
  9. @suzelle Thanks! I’ve heard lots of good things about them. When I get it figured out I’ll post some pictures of the finished projects.
  10. @Wizcrafts Thanks! I’ve gotten as far a figuring out how to start( holding back the threads) but still not sure about lots of other stuff. Perhaps learning by doing, even if that means learning the hard way is the best course of action. It would be helpful if the machine had useable directions. Sadly………..
  11. @kgg I’m unable to post a picture of the needle package but it reads as follows Schmetz Canu:37:29kj1 nm:140 size 22 135x16 Dia Dpx16 Dia. I assume these are the correct needles for leather, at least I hope they are; I purchased the machine from” leather machine company”.
  12. @MtlBiker the package says 135x16. I was practicing on single layers of varying thicknesses though mostly 4-5 oz. I found that the sewing machine store closest to me has free beginner's classes. I think thats probably my best bet.
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