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  1. @kgg So making the video, and I'm going through all of my settings, making notes, changing settings and making more notes, AND THEN EVERYTHING SETTLED IN BEAUTIFULLY! The change in needle size kicked off the show, followed by the videos you suggested (one of which was about oiling the machine which confused me, but the video I'm assuming you had in mind was directly beneath that so...MAGIC). I definite needed to play around with the pressure of the feet! THANKS A MILLION FOR YOUR DIRECTION!!! Now I'm compiling a list of questions I have about height adjustments, but on thing at a time! Thanks AGAIN!!!
  2. @kgg Sorry for the delay!!! I'm recording a video now and I'll send it to you when I'm done so that you can get an actual idea of what my issue is!
  3. Hi KGG! Thanks for getting back to me. I’m going to take a few pics and perhaps a small video (after I walk my dogs) but yes, my edge guide is exactly that! I will let you know know when my pics and video have landed! thanks a million!
  4. I'm going to apologize in advance if I seem to be all over the place, or piling on the questions! I'm attempting to use an edge guide for the first time and I am running into wall thick enough to cloud my creative motivation!! the same leather piece I am using is "hard to glide through" The stitch length is definitely not a 5. The scrap leather piece 1/8" thick. When sewing the walking foot doesn't seem to lift up from the leather as the presser feet land. Prior to using an edge guide I was using "traditional style feet", however the presser had teeth and the walking was smooth. *Does the feed through issue have something to do with the edge guide having no teeth on the presser nor the walking? *Do I need to adjust the presser foot height and/or pressure, and if so which one and increase or decrease? What is the difference between adjusting the presser foot height and/or pressure and adjusting the presser foot alternate lift mechanism? And what reason would I have to adjust the feed dog/feed dog angle when sewing leather? I DO HAVE MORE TO ASK BUT I'M GONNA START HERE! Below I have listed some details about my machine at this moment! Thanks in advance for any feedback!!! MACHINE : Tacsew T111-155 Servo Motor - FAMILY SERVD MOTOR / MODEL FESM5500 / 110V Speed is set @ 1700 Stitch length @ 5 #92 Nylon Bonded Thread (top and bottom) Needle Size - 110/18 USING 1/8" RIGHT EDGE GUIDE ( Presser and Walking feet are both smooth)
  5. Many thanks for all of your replies! I plan on trying each and every one of them! I LOVE the idea of making my own!!! However, that’s going to be the Grand Finale of my tries! I may need some wine and patience for that!!!
  6. !!! I’m trying to get back into my creative groove as a belt is going to definitely move things along! So Thaaaaaaaaanks! I hope something magical happens to you today!!!
  7. Need to find a replacement belt! my servo motor is what came with my machine (YEARS AGO) FAMILY ELECTRONIC SERVD (yes D) MOTOR Model FESM 550-C THE BELT I HAVE IS : 56Feitsew-40
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