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  1. Wow - you did a great job. I’ve been toying just making a few pieces for a Western steam punk outfit (for yes, the Ren festival lol.) I’m thinking just an arming belt (girdle), one pauldron and bracers, but I’ve only ever made western pistol rigs before and those are comparatively less work - yet still a lot of work. I’m kind of in the research phase since I’m in between houses & all my leather, tools & equipment is in storage.
  2. Yeah - I always borrow that book from inter library loan - it’s been out of print forever; and goes for $150 - $200 on used book sites.
  3. I never (very rarely) show the back! Haha great job for your first carved holster!
  4. Great work. Personally, I like the chest rig style much more functional for the field than the “drop leg.” Having been issued a drop leg as a boarding team member in the Navy, I find them floppy and hang-up on almost anything. Chest rig keeps the handgun secure to the body & can even be protected under a rain poncho or jacket in a pinch. The chest rig goes well with a pack. I’m also not crazy about any exposed ammo loops either, but you made it so they can be removed and easily stashed in a pocket or pack - so that’s a win. If I was taking that .480 Ruger as my “back-up” pistol, I’d be fine with one full reload. Not going to do much plinking with that one.
  5. Thanks Dwight. I don’t do much molding on mine for the exact reasons you stated, just a quick wet form. They do loosen and form over time from wear. I also use 8-9 oz leather and I find that for me it doesn’t give me the same molding results as thinner leather does. I would not let this ugly duckling go out the door - but was able to salvage it for personal use. But it looks amateurish in the proportions (as you stated) . Not my finest effort… I used it as a opportunity to try some new dying techniques - which were also a mixed result. I have a new side of leather inbound and I’ll try a redemption…
  6. I Haven’t made a total fail in a while… I think I got in trouble because of the unique dimensions of this pistol - which has “suppressor height” sights, and a threaded barrel —- really added a lot more width than I was planning on. And it’s a fairly big semi-auto and I mostly make revolver gun leather. There is just no way to get a belt loop in the back side of the holster with that tiny stitch area. My plan going forward to modify the pattern is shown with the paper below the holster. Anyone ever use a welt on a pancake?
  7. I’ll try that. That’s exactly the type of experience based type of advice I was looking for.
  8. Yeah, that works. (I’ve done that with and straps and such) It wont work for the multicolored effect I’m trying to achieve.
  9. Beautiful work & I love the theme. Do you use paints over the dye or some dyes for color too?
  10. I designed it. But I’ve used the same basic design for revolvers for a couple years. I basically stretch it out for bigger frames and shrink it for smaller. I used a design I had for the same type (k frame) and modified my pattern with more room for the larger holes.
  11. Made the holster yesterday & today - not the Gunbelt. The gunbelt I made about a year ago. (My first one) I wanted a holster for my S&W 66, as the holster I made for this rig originally is for a Cimarron .357. I’m not a fan of Colt clones as I much prefer Ruger Single actions. And I wanted the holster to ride higher than a traditional western holster. Those were some huge belt loops, but they seem to work just as well. I’m hoping it will see more use now, with a more practical gun. I always have trouble getting the vinegroon to apply evenly on at least a few spots. It doesn’t matter if I use a dauber, fleece pad or paint brush. (As you can see.) but I love the color of the vinegroon. do you think a higher quality leather would absorb the vinegroon more evenly?
  12. Hello and welcome from SW Ohio!
  13. Beautiful work. I love the inlay abound the buscadero loop.
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