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    Outdoors - Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, marksmanship + bushcraft. Hobbies - leatherworking & Handloading.

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    Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Belts, pouches, hatbands
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    Western Holsters & Cartridge belts, buckskinning, Possibles bags
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  1. Great work! Like the concho too, GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY.
  2. Your lacing skills are a true wonder to behold . After a couple of not great looking results, I stick to sewing and edge burnishing.
  3. Really nice work. One of the nicest chest rigs for a big iron I’ve seen.
  4. Great work and a really well thought out design.
  5. Viking

    CZ 83 holster

    Picked up a a relatively inexpensive surplus CZ 83 in the “one true caliber” .32 ACP. Not really a “carry gun” but already having fun with this mild shooter at the range. Nobody seems to be able to find spare mags for them. (In .32)
  6. Clean work. I’d rather have the back of the trigger guard slightly exposed, and be able to get a good draw grip. As long as nothing can get in and set off the bang switch. With 1911 holsters; I always put a thumb break that snaps under the hammer, as on occasion - I have noticed the manual safety gets clicked off from carrying all day.
  7. This is a a cool post. There is some thing really nice about seeing honest wear on a working holster you made. I like them crisp and brand new with shiny, resolene finish for photos; But I also like the ones I made 15 years ago that are still fully functional, and worn through many adventures or just edc.
  8. They look great! Thanks for showing the backs to see the goes for crossdraw & strong side. I’m always curious about how people choose to attach belt loops.
  9. Very nice work - looking forward to seeing the black mamba.
  10. I have been a follower of your YouTube channel for sometime, but this one is on a whole next level, technically superior.
  11. Wow - you did a great job. I’ve been toying just making a few pieces for a Western steam punk outfit (for yes, the Ren festival lol.) I’m thinking just an arming belt (girdle), one pauldron and bracers, but I’ve only ever made western pistol rigs before and those are comparatively less work - yet still a lot of work. I’m kind of in the research phase since I’m in between houses & all my leather, tools & equipment is in storage.
  12. Yeah - I always borrow that book from inter library loan - it’s been out of print forever; and goes for $150 - $200 on used book sites.
  13. I never (very rarely) show the back! Haha great job for your first carved holster!
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