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    Outdoors - Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, marksmanship + bushcraft. Hobbies - leatherworking & Handloading.

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    Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Belts, pouches, hatbands
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  1. Josh you are an inspiration. The level of care and craftsmanship is top notch. Thanks for bringing us along & showing your process. A couple of days ago, ordered a set of Buffalo brothers grips for my Ruger Blackhawk... this will be the second set of grips I’ve ordered for that pistol. It usually takes be a few tries before I get the balance of looks, grippyness, weight and feel right! If I like them, I’ll get a matching set for my Pietta.
  2. Friggin’ awesome & outstanding work. Congratulations!
  3. Viking

    Armored Sleeve

    That’s a complex and well done piece. It reminds me of the arm armor of a Thracian Gladiator.
  4. That’s a really nice bag - great job bringing it back to life.
  5. Thanks, I ordered a pair of scales for my Blackhawk, see if I like them then maybe I’ll order a set for my Pietta, too!
  6. Viking

    bag with a secret

    Keep it secret, keep it safe.
  7. I for one, really like the cobra inlay. The front of the holster is very attractive. I agree with JLS that the belt slots are a bit close together. On a “traditional” avenger the leather that goes around forms an “L” to make a wider belt loop. The back of the holster is extends out past the trigger guard area & a slot is cut in both halves of the holster. This pulls it tight against the wearer. I for one, can’t stand a floppy holster. I like my field & concealment holster tight against the body.
  8. Outstanding work. What scales on the Rugers? I love them.
  9. I’d really like to see photos of your great grandfather’s old gun leather, if you would not mind posting them. There is a great book (sadly out of print for a long time); that I was able to borrow from inter library loan about these old rigs: Packing Iron: Gunleather of the Frontier West Richard Rattenbury To your question, I have only used the method of a leather strip through the same hole; And I do agree with you they can be slightly “not aligned” look.
  10. Beautiful work. The color is great. I’m assuming very high quality leather with oil, antiquing & resolene? No dye?
  11. I’ve ordered quite a bit during the pandemic from Tandy & like others my only complaint is the $12 shipping fee. I’m a hobbiest, so I wouldn’t eat that if I was running a business. However, they are often the cheapest option for things like fiebings dyes which go for a couple bucks more on Amazon. I wait until I need a few things to make it worthwhile. If I just need one thing, I try to find it elsewhere. Weaver charges 6.99 flat - but my experience is Tandy has a better selection of the things in need. honestly - I’m puzzled at how they stay in business with this retail store model. There is a lot of competition out there. My closest Tandy store is about a 45 minute drive - and I’d just rather pay the shipping & risk the quality on buying leather.
  12. Shot little and carried less... superb work though!
  13. Terry - are any of these still available? I really like the stag handled one. I’d love to order it.
  14. Lacing & tooling are really clean, nice work!
  15. That’s really a cool concept! Really creative. I wonder if I could make a similar one for a lace less work boot? Something like a rifle sleeve tightened with lacing?
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