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    Outdoors - Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, marksmanship + bushcraft. Hobbies - leatherworking & Handloading.

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    Holsters, Knife Sheaths, Belts, pouches, hatbands
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    Western Holsters & Cartridge belts, buckskinning, Possibles bags
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  1. Viking

    The Wizard

    Awesome work on both, really like themed sets like this. may I ask what color dye you used?
  2. Great sheath! And I am also in agreement with nothing carried in the small of back position. I don’t even like the spare rounds that are on my western rigs/belts there. I’m sure it’s great if you are astride a horse but for the rest of us driving around in a car or truck I find anything in the small of back to be super uncomfortable.
  3. Great work! Like the concho too, GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY.
  4. Your lacing skills are a true wonder to behold . After a couple of not great looking results, I stick to sewing and edge burnishing.
  5. Really nice work. One of the nicest chest rigs for a big iron I’ve seen.
  6. Great work and a really well thought out design.
  7. Viking

    CZ 83 holster

    Picked up a a relatively inexpensive surplus CZ 83 in the “one true caliber” .32 ACP. Not really a “carry gun” but already having fun with this mild shooter at the range. Nobody seems to be able to find spare mags for them. (In .32)
  8. Clean work. I’d rather have the back of the trigger guard slightly exposed, and be able to get a good draw grip. As long as nothing can get in and set off the bang switch. With 1911 holsters; I always put a thumb break that snaps under the hammer, as on occasion - I have noticed the manual safety gets clicked off from carrying all day.
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