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  1. Fantastic job on getting ur pockets perfect, do you cut each one or so you have a die made to cut them out?
  2. Okay thanks for the replies, I’ll start with the foot pressure, I kinda thought it picked the foot up too high on the missed stitch, but just bought the machine so still learning about it
  3. Thanks, Yep seen with a Mach 1
  4. Finished a belt for the brother in law, super happy with the Color, think I need to make one for myself lol.
  5. I have a Mach 1 or techsew ga5-1r, was sewing a belt, it missed a couple stitches, should I tighten the spring tension on the foot to hold leather down better? Or is there another adjustment that need tweaking?
  6. Made a matching belt and bifold wallet
  7. Cwise35

    Hello all

    Hi all, did some braiding as a teenager, then last year shot a moose and elk had them tanned and made chaps for myself and wife. Wanted to stamp the yokes, and that’s ballooned into doing custom work for people. Bought a Chinese patcher to sew with this spring and just recently purchased a Mach 1 sewing machine. This forum always had answers I was searching for so thought I’d join. Here’s some of my latest projects
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