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  1. This place is totally legit? The prices are at least as good as commonly found and a lot of times better. And with free shipping on a lot of the machines.
  2. That's just what I'm gonna do come Monday. Thank you.
  3. Yeah, if it doesn't function properly I guess. But short of that, the shipping costs both ways and the 15% or so restocking fee make it an irreversible transaction for me personally. That'd be somewhere around $1000 hit.
  4. That was the first place I tried. But when the girl who answers the phone doesn't know the first thing about Cobra and says that "the person who knows about the sewing machines isn't available", on several different days and I can't even get a return call. Maybe a single machine purchase doesn't warrant a call back for a few measly questions/clarifications. It makes me wonder how bad it can get after the sale should I have a problem with the machine. As true as all this is I'm only stating it to explain why I asked in my first post If anyone knows a place besides the 5 I already tried to deal with.
  5. Thanks I wish you had a machine that did fit. But I need something that'll do from a few layers of of 1000d up to a couple layers of 8oz leather.
  6. I'm sure that all the good things I've read about Bob Kovar are true. But my experience with him yesterday was anything but good. I was left with the strong impression that he had too many orders to be bothered with me.
  7. I need a light/medium duty cylinder arm machine. I'm in central Missouri. I can't find any dealers locally. They all seem to only deal in quilting and household type machines. I've already contacted an Artisan dealer, Techsew directly, sewingmachinesplus about a Techsew, Springfield Leather about the Cobra class 26 and Toledo about a Cowboy. Naturally, before making a pretty much irreversible purchase, I'd have a few questions and I'd want those answers directly from the horses mouth. But apparently these places don't seem to agree that that's reasonable. So please if anyone knows of a company other than the places I've mentioned I'd greatly appreciate it. I've scoured the internet and I'm still not able to give my money away for a cylinder arm. Like everyone else I'd prefer to buy it in person. I'm pretty much equidistant between Kansas City and St Louis and am willing to drive maybe 5 hours one way if needed. But I'm more than willing to have it shipped. $3500 budget on a new machine. ?On used? No brand loyalty or preference at this point aside from the fact that junk and me don't get along. So again, if anyone has an idea of where i might be able to find one of these types of machines I'd greatly appreciate it.
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