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  1. Thank You DrmCa for your input. Nowhere in this thread was there any discussion about what this machine is right or wrong for, or can or can't do. I was simply providing photos of the air cylinder that another member had questions about. Thank You.
  2. Hey Hoarder, Did you have any luck with your machine? I just picked up a similar machine, from the same seller, he seems to be selling a bunch of them. Mine does have the cylinders which both work ok if I feed air into them. The foot lift should be simple to connect a foot pedal valve into, though the climb cylinder I'm not sure if it was just valve operated, which would be just full up or down, or if it was something a little more elaborate for more variable control. I'm attaching pictures of mine to show what the complete assembly looks like. I'm also unable to find much information on how it was used in operation.
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