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  1. I’m using a 794S chisel type cutting needle which is what came with the machine. Machine also came loaded with 207 thread top/bottom. I don’t have smaller thread but I have bigger so I could try loading 277 into the top with 207 in the lower. That’s still in spec for the 200 needle. The black thread pictured is 277 but I also used 277 in the bobbin - So haven’t tried two different sizes upper/lower yet. I’ll give it a shot!
  2. https://ibb.co/r54rZXT https://ibb.co/6vKf1jr https://ibb.co/B4y9CrB https://ibb.co/m4PHNN8 https://ibb.co/RDQQgtk https://ibb.co/Dgnkky8 https://ibb.co/41sGW02 Can’t seem to upload photos. Says they must be under 1.46MB so I was forced to post links I have a bunch of test pieces. The grey wallet I started with 277 black thread. Was having all sorts of problems with it including missed stitches. I went back down to the supplied 207 thread for all the other test pieces. as you can see the lock knot is inconsistent. For the most of the test pieces the tension is all the way out - or as loose as it will allow. I have tried adjusting tension and playing with the spring in between test pieces but no avail. This is about a 1/4 of the test pieces I’ve ran through. I’ve adjusted bobbin tension in slight increments but no avail (it’s back to original tension now). I am using combinations of 9oz + 4oz, 9oz + 9 oz, 4 x 4 oz, etc. usually adding up to 12-18 oz. All 207/207 thread with a 200 794S needle (except the black thread project). Machine is well oiled/greased. I’m at a loss here. Even with the same settings the lock knot fluctuates.
  3. Hey everyone! This is my first topic and I’m sorry that it’s a request for help. I recently got a Weaver Cub machine and went right to work sewing some scraps to get a feel for it. I started with some an old grey Horween leather I had from a project I abandoned since it had multiple layers of 3-4oz leather. I used black 277 thread on the size 200 794S needle that comes with the machine. The problem is the lock knot is inconsistent throughout the piece without changing tension. I know this is a top tension issue but in order to avoid a top knot the manual says to decrease tension. My machine is already at the loosest tension. I then went back to the 207/207 thread that came installed on the machine (all white thread shown in pics below) and got a few more practice pieces to try and tune things up. Same issue. Seems to be regardless of tension input. Haven’t tried switching to a smaller bobbin thread (currently 207 top/bottom like the machine arrived). Don’t know if this would really make a difference. I know Weaver has excellent customer service but I am in Japan on a military base so I would have to stay up till 1100pm to get them. The few times I have tried that late the machine support folks weren’t in. Still plan to get a hold of them soon by pre-coordinating in email but thought I’d ask to see if anyone is having/had the same problems. I’ll post some photos in a few minutes when I can find an app to host them. Thanks, Gabe
  4. I’m glad yours is working for you. I’m having a heck of a time with mine locating the lock knot. Knot is near the top of the work so manual indicates tension is too tight but the top tension knob is all the way loose.
  5. Did you ever figure out your problem? I got a Cub a month ago and I’m having the same problem. I can get it to stitch consistently but maybe once in every 12” of stitching I get a problem the same as you have shown in your video. Also experiencing skipped stitches and inconsistency with centering the knot in the work piece. I’m growing pretty frustrated with this thing!
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