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  1. Sorry, I don't have any pictures yet, might get some sometime. While I'm here, does anyone have any idea who might've made the saddle? It has no maker's marks or stamps or anything except for the stamp 123 on the near fore jockey where the fork joins the bar. I'm thinking it was made around the 1830s somewhere around Texas by a small town saddler. It seems to have been made by a very talented craftsman and judging by some of the details in how it was built, I'd say the guy rode a lot and cared a lot about his horses, maybe before he became a saddlemaker. Any info on a possible maker would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have an original early 1800s Hope Saddle. It is a half seat and double rigged in the Texas H style. The saddle is in overall great and rideable condition except for the rigging which I would feel comfortable riding for a couple of short light rides on my neighbor's little pinto cowpony, which I'm hoping to buy in a couple of years, but nothing more. The saddle fits the pony very well, like it was made for her, and it fits me well too and is comfortable. I'm wanting to replace the rigging so it will be safe, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how much that will detract from the price if I ever went to sell the saddle.
  3. I have an early 1800s double-rigged skirt-less half seat Texas Hope with two piece Samstagg rigging. The saddle overall is in great condition with a solid tree and horn but the rigging is badly surface cracked with the off rear quarter strap broken and the latigos are pretty stiff. I'm wanting to replace all the rigging to make it safe to ride and I want to make it match the original. If I were just going to use it for decoration or sell it I wouldn't bother, but it fits a little pinto cow-pony that I'm hoping to buy like a glove and fits me too, it's real comfortable. Does anyone know how much this will detract from the value if I ever went to sell it? Also, the rigging is nailed on and covered with nice floral brass conchos, I want to keep them, but I can't figure out how to get them off without damaging them. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
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