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  1. Bonjour Mtl biker. Merci du compliment Yes i do Upholstery for living. I saw the hand bags that you did. Very good work. But tell me please, what do you do for living?
  2. Thanks. Yes it as been quite an expérience. I spended many hours on that machine but i dont regret a minute of it. Almost a terapy. I would like to keep that one until i pass away.... 1 I forget all of my problems when working on those machines. I lovvvvve sewing machines. I have 9 different machines in my small shop. I do Upholstery for living. I would like also to sew heavy leather if God permits. That's why i bought a Juki tsc 441 clone.
  3. I have contact the China choice company and they told me that it is not ajustable. So i dont know about other juki 441 clones but mine is made like that. So i have to do with it.
  4. Hello out there. I am proud to show that i was able to add a reverse on my Singer post bed machine. I love this machine because it as a post bed walking foot. It can sew at 3 stitches an inch and can sew up between 7/16 " and 1/2" with 207 nylon thread maximum. With the reverse added and the lift up table it became the most versatile machine that i have. Flat bed and post bed and can sew very close to the edge (1/4" from the left side) If it can help someone that doesnt have much space i will be glad that it goes around . If you need any help please feel free to comment or ask questions https://youtu.be/oGpobJ3w_-Q
  5. Hello Gavino Their is a Duerkopp Adler 69-373 Service Instructions Manual Direct link: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/461563/Duerkopp-Adler-Duerkopp-Adler-69-373-Service-Instructions-Manual.html Page 19 hook setting (timing) And here is a very well made video as usuall from Uwe about a Adler flat bed sewing machine(horizontal hook) . I know yours is a cylinder bed (vertical hook) but Just to learn the principles of timing a hook to needle Also this man Mtrc crane (YouTube name). He does maintenance on a Consew 206 flat bed that as a vertical hook. Just look at the first 20 seconds and jump to 45:24 for the timing needle to the hook. Hope it Will give you self-confidence for fixing your machine in futur needs. Wrong copy This one :
  6. Got it. Precious information. Appreciate it. Thanks
  7. Thanks Bob. I will try that. I thought of that one when i got facing the back of the machine but i was Wondering if it could be the next one(attachment)
  8. Do you mean the inside Shaft? From the access plate at the back close from the handwheel?
  9. Do you know how to adjust my machine so the feed dog and the middle foot (walking foot) will meet at the top of the throat plate?
  10. Do you know how to adjust my machine so the feed dog and the middle foot (walking foot) will meet at the top of the throat plate?
  11. I know getting adler parts is a voyage(travel) .... I bought parts for my Adler 068-4272 double needles walking foot. I search for a couple weeks on the net and locally. I kept looking on the net and found Kwokhing . I needed 12mm between the 2 needles. I wasnt able to remove the 5/16 " needle clamp so i mesured the diameter of the needle bar and found a pfaff needle bar + clamp from Kwokhing at half price of Ebay.ca . I Also bought feet and feed dog that i had to grind down. They have parts that are made of hardened stainless Steel. The diameter and the lenght is important so if you look at different type of Singer original or clones and look for the part # on Ebay, evernice and CHPSMS give the mesurements on one of their multiple pages But if you thinking on drilling your parts to fit one, you better go to an expert (machinist) to get it precise. If your presser bar is a full metal bar and not a tube at the other end you could cut a slot as i did on the 441.
  12. Thanks. I now understand that their are different ways to set up the entering of the needle. Do you know how to adjust my machine so the feed dog and the middle foot (walking foot) will meet at the top of the throat plate?
  13. But their is still a problem because on my 441 the feed dog meets the walking foot over the throat plate. I meant higher than the throat plate
  14. Thanks Wiz I didn't know about the reverse sync. On those monster machines. I have a 144W sv 27 with reverse that works as the Upholstery walking foot sewing machine. Walking foot even on throat plate sync with feed dog and the needle comes after. Same on my other machines.
  15. On all walking foot sewing machine that i had and the ones that i now during my 32 years of sewing (unless they invented a different machine that i dont know) the walking foot meets the feed dog at the top surface level of the needle plate Also before the needle that meets them later in the cycle. So when the walking foot gets to the feed dog, it lifts the presser foot. Mine is out of that adjustment. The needle enters the walking foot at the same time as the walking foot touches the feed dog that as pass the top surface of the needle plate.
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