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  1. Thanks Wiz. I will try those possibilities. Thanks Fiber
  2. Hello. the top thread on my Pfaff 145 h3 is to tight . I mean when it turns around the hook, like if the take up lever would lift the thread to soon during the cycle. I hook timed it correctly (0 feed, 1.6mm rise and hook in center of needle and scarf) but May be the top and bottom mechanism timing is not correct. I can't find any information on this pfaff 145. Does someone knows something about it? Thanks
  3. You are all right about servo motors. l have 6 sewing machines with servo motors on and it works very well and 2 with clutch motors, my overlock and my Mitsubishi lu2 410 Automatic walking foot sewing machine that as this 3 phases 220 volts motor on that i recently got for free. Because it as an Automatic system on it that wanted to use to go faster i decided to leave it with the 3 phases clutch motor. So i bought this New converter on the market : DPS (digital phase shifter) that concerts 220 volts single phase to 220 volts 3 phases. It works perfectly at a low price. It is made in South Korea . I bought it at Ebay. Just in case you want to have a faster set up than adding a servo motor. I am very happy with the device. You can look at the YouTube how to connect it https://youtu.be/Honlrv93_oU
  4. Hello Parry tack. I have a Singer 144Wsv35 that as a pedal reverse on it. Here in Canada, a good condition long arm machine sells for more than $7000.. Yes 7K. At a Dealer. On Facebook (Market place for around $5000 without the front wheel like yours. I paid mine more in Shipping than the price of the machine because it was in bad condition, and the owner didn't know that it had a reverse on it because their was'nt any pedal. So in U. S. I would try to sell for $4000 and minimum $3000 if it as a reverse mechanism on it. On the second picture you can see what the mecanism looks like
  5. Hello Wiz Hello Wiz (dont know your first name) My first name is Marc . I like your participation to the forum. You got a lot of experience their. Really appreciate it. About the Singer patcher stitch length problem, i have the same issue on my 29K171. You wrote bronze build up. Is it possible please to see a picture of which part you've done it? Thanks
  6. Hello I am almost New to this forum . This reply is late but in case that you dont know, those 220 volts motors work on 110 volts. I got 5 of them on my actual machines. I like them alot. Their is a feature that this motor have that others dont have. When i kneel the pedal the motor turn the machine until the needle gets up (out of the sewn thing) I had 1 on a Juki lu 563 that i sold with it. Fabulous motors. If you need more power Just connect it on 220Volts but for the juki lu 563, 110v does the job.
  7. On my Singer 144 W, the bobbins are jumbo bobbins and they are expensive.( horizontal hook, top load) When i sold my Juki lu 563, i tried the bobbins that have smaller diameter and width then the 144W and they work perfectly without any issues with an under bobbin spring The most important thing is that they have the same diameter center hole and the spring under it. https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/10-bobbin-tension-spring-for-Brother-LT2-B835-5-148601-001-/142759961730?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  8. That company Also sells them on ebay 32MM Diameter Large Aluminum BOBBINS FIT FOR durkopp adler 667/867/868
  9. Hello Leanne12. I found this https://m.fr.aliexpress.com/item/33003870310.html?gatewayAdapt=gloPc2fraMsite
  10. Great job! I didn't know that their was sewing machines for left handed... It needs a minimum of sewing machine knowledge their. I Wonder.... Are you a left handed handy man? I have worked 20 years ago for an Upholster in Quebec City that is left handed. He as to use sewing machines that are all made for right handed People. He was amazing to see sewing. I can't image my self as a right handed man with a sewing machine on the left side....
  11. Oh! So your a handy man. Art and picture framing. Artisan is both : art + handy work. It's good to focus on something else than business.... It keeps the mind healthy. I bought this used 3 months old Choice 441 China made. I paid $2400 from Ontario. A God's blessing because it sells here in Mtl for $4000. I sold the table that was way out to large for my shop and made a height ajustable table for it. I made a slot at the other end of the pressure bar to be able to install Singer feet on it. This machine sews more thick than my Singer 144Wsv35 (long arm) All this to tell you that this machine is a must have to sew thick with a cylinder arm sewing machine. And yes i bought the narrow feed dog and needle plate for it from the store that Brian (Rocky Aussie) worked on the design . Have'nt had time yet to install the kit on the machine. But i can give you a review on it if you would like when installed. But may be your talking about something else? Sometimes i need to sew very thick during my Upholstery projects. I sewed an 1-1/2" antique front seat edge piece full of packed hard hay (paille ou fouin) i have removed a part that releases the top thread tension. It did pushed the machine to the extreme limit hoping not to brake it.....
  12. Bonjour Mtl biker. Merci du compliment Yes i do Upholstery for living. I saw the hand bags that you did. Very good work. But tell me please, what do you do for living?
  13. Thanks. Yes it as been quite an expérience. I spended many hours on that machine but i dont regret a minute of it. Almost a terapy. I would like to keep that one until i pass away.... 1 I forget all of my problems when working on those machines. I lovvvvve sewing machines. I have 9 different machines in my small shop. I do Upholstery for living. I would like also to sew heavy leather if God permits. That's why i bought a Juki tsc 441 clone.
  14. I have contact the China choice company and they told me that it is not ajustable. So i dont know about other juki 441 clones but mine is made like that. So i have to do with it.
  15. Hello out there. I am proud to show that i was able to add a reverse on my Singer post bed machine. I love this machine because it as a post bed walking foot. It can sew at 3 stitches an inch and can sew up between 7/16 " and 1/2" with 207 nylon thread maximum. With the reverse added and the lift up table it became the most versatile machine that i have. Flat bed and post bed and can sew very close to the edge (1/4" from the left side) If it can help someone that doesnt have much space i will be glad that it goes around . If you need any help please feel free to comment or ask questions https://youtu.be/oGpobJ3w_-Q
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