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  1. Machine is no longer available.
  2. That tab goes in the notch on the underside of the needle plate. After you get that fixed, let us know how it sews.
  3. Seiko STH-8BLD-3, made in Japan and identical to the Consew 206RB-5. Features triple feed, 10mm max. stitch length, knee lift, bobbin winder, l.e.d. light and more. The motor is a brushless servo with a needle positioner, which has a 50mm pulley for increased torque and lower minimum speed. Includes all original accessories, belt guard, and needles. Machine, motor and table are new, the metal stand has a couple of small paint dings from moving. Depending on location, delivery and setup may be possible. Located in Henderson, KY 42420
  4. Dave9111, I use a Hoyer type lift for lifting heads that are too heavy for me to handle out of tables, but it doesn't take much of a gap in a concrete floor to stop the Hoyer if it's moving slowly. If modified with much larger and wider wheels, I believe the type of lift in the picture would be better suited for what you want to do. The hook hinges at the top, and hooks under the top cross member of a K-leg as long as the leg is close to the edge of the table. Place the hook in position, crank up and you're on your way. It will work on longer tables, but with so much leverage at the other end, it's best to crank up a little and then manually lift the other end. Let me know if you want any measurements or other info.
  5. I watched it. My apologies.
  6. Top of hand wheel should be turning toward you.
  7. When buying new, I would buy from a local dealer in case you need support after the purchase. You will be on your own with Goldstar. In Phoenix and a better price than what you quoted: https://raichert.com/product/juki-dnu1541s-shipping-truck-only-call-for-rate-800-422-3153/
  8. Definitely test sewing with the machine before you consider purchasing. If you buy it, remove the machine from the table. Don't even try to transport as it is because it's very top heavy as you said. One slip up and it's game over. As you remove the four bolts holding the machine to the table, support the needle end of the machine. If the machine head is too heavy, remove handwheel. Place machine upright in vehicle and strap to walls or floor. Protect with old blankets and pillows as needed.
  9. If these aren't the videos then hopefully they will help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6CCxv3i4No https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu2OT9MtzMc
  10. Bob, $400 for parts only or parts + labor?
  11. Juki part number 21155502. See pics for thickness but let me know if need any other measurements. $250 including insured shipping to lower 48. PayPal, money order or cash upon pick up in Henderson, KY 42420.
  12. What Wiz said. To illustrate, find spring #16 on rear of machine. Screw #18 presses down on the spring, so loosen screw from top of machine. It's a small hole so you'll need a narrow slotted screwdriver.
  13. Consew 226, 226R-1, or 226R-2. AFAIK those are complete model numbers. Searching here on LW for 226 should get you lots of info.
  14. Video shows a similar hack to the LMC one that Wiz mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6CCxv3i4No
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