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  1. Tequila

    I made a hat

    Yep, I like it!
  2. Knew a guy that got a short finger from cutting, we called him Nubby.
  3. Tequila

    Edge Beveler

    @Dwight have you seen Bruce Johnson has a couple like you were describing. Bruce Johnson
  4. Show’s you how dumb I can be
  5. Tequila

    I made a hat

    Great work my friend! I think the crown not being inverted is what may be bugging you.
  6. Uh, I didn’t make the comment on the Juki TI-2000qi.
  7. Having a Janome HD3000 and a Juki clone and for leather work I’d take a walking foot machine with a servo motor everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. When you run the Janome slow it struggles to get through leather, while the Juki clone can go 1 stitch at a time and give me much more control. You can get a light duty walking foot machine, but I don’t have any experience with them, this is one example of a portable walking foot machine. Sailrite
  8. @bladegrinder if you can forge (or do most anything) in that heat you’re a better man than me one of the benefits of a small shop is it’s easy to add A/C. But I have to say I am jealous of your set up.
  9. Thanks everyone for all the good input
  10. @bladegrinder nice shop! Can I assume one side is for forging and the other for leather? I live in south MS so I know the humidity you’re dealing with. My shop isn’t as big as yours but I do ammunition loading in mine and humidity is critical, so I put in a dehumidifier with a hose so it drains outside. I guess my point is that if you find humidity is getting to be a pain maybe add a soft partition and keep the leather side dry.
  11. @Handstitched thanks, I’m always leery about asking questions, unfortunately too many people now a days will blast someone for asking what they consider a rookie question. And the western look letters are what I’m trying to find for a custom rifle butt cover. @tsunkasapa thanks for the link, I didn’t know there was a book like that. Tequila
  12. I WISH THERE WAS A LIKE BUTTON! I’m going to have to look harder for some stencils
  13. I’m pretty sure some will think this is a stupid simple question, but, I’ve run out of ideas. I want to carve letters and the only way I can think of to get consistent style, size and spacing is to print them out from a computer and then transfer them, does everyone do it that way? Is there a better way or stencils available?
  14. I’m not sure what you mean by “thread pin”, hopefully someone that’s more knowledgeable will chime in. Here are a couple of books that may help you. Juki LS-341N InstructionManual.pdf Juki_LS-341N_Engineers_Manual.pdf
  15. I make things for myself or if someone asks me to make something. It’s been mostly gun stock covers, belts, coasters, next project will either be suspenders or another stock cover.
  16. Thanks I learned something new, never thought of angling the guide. BTW what thread/needle combination did you use in the video?
  17. Looks good! It would probably been easier to do your edging and burnishing before. I do like your choice of words, “kludge” isn’t something you hear everyday, I like it.
  18. I does look a little thick, I usually use 5-6 ounce on mine and they get beat up pretty good at CAS matches. Are you going to line it?
  19. You can do one like this without stitching, or you can hand stitch the buttplate piece
  20. Thanks Wiz for the simple concise answer
  21. Beautiful work! I don’t like myself to do that much work for me
  22. @suzelle I really did mean thanks to you, as you see you’re the only person to even respond to my question. You’ve mentioned about what I’m doing to know what I need and that’s where my question comes from. Like what’s the difference between left and right zipper feet? Do you need both to sew a zipper? Same thing with an edge guide foot (I never even heard of that one). And left and right narrow feet what’s their purpose and does a right foot get the stitch closer to the piece on the right or left side.
  23. RS - nope haven’t been to Cali. I’ll shut up now I don’t want to take this thread off topic.
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