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  1. Hi Everyone - Just got a Helmold Bender... but with no dies? Trying to make my own cutter dies. If anyone has extras or would be willing to sell me any... please contact me. Thanks Mike artpintguy@gmail.com
  2. finding this convo very interesting... been trying to figure out DIY die making... been watching a lot Youtube... I am a complete newbie.... it mostly comes down to the steel table-kicker Die Bending set up (as used by Bad&G Leather) or using a Helmold bender or JA Smith multifold bender. All of these options are pretty pricey... even used... if you can find them. The Kick Benders seem to be used mostly made & used in India or China... originally used mostly for Shoe Manufacturing it seems. They look great... and allows one to work hands free... and the table top keeps the die rule flat and in place while bending... utilizing mostly using the same pair of die set... this is the ideal set up in my opinion... although may not be perfectly precise. It does seem Bad&G leather uses heavier steel rule... it appears unmarked, and he puts the sharp edge on it once he has finished the die... so i believe it is unsharpened rule. Good luck finding this equip in the US... seems to be either made in India or China... and i have not found a US distributor. Perhaps this set up could be rigged up... reasonably?? I will not be making a lot of dies all the time... Im thinking just making a flat board with various (male) angles and arcs pegs that can be switched out along with a couple of (female) angles i can apply pressure with... it seems this might work... we will see! I guess generating and applying the pressure might be the sticking point... Im the mean time... i am playing around with a lot of the ideas above. I have purchased an old large Arbor Press, an CultAwl Scroll Saw to cut keft, have some rule on order... We will how it goes! RIght now i think i am suffering with analysis-paralysis... once i start the process... solutions and work arounds will hopefully reveal themselves. I will be cutting heavy paper tho... I am printmaker & mobile maker... and not a leather guy. Would love to see some pics of what folks have come up with... DIY'ing dies
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