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  1. Most of the sewing I do is just nylon straps, canvas bags. ETC. Materials that a domestic machine will not sew.
  2. I have a Thompson walking foot that I use sometimes and have someone interested in it but would like to replace it first. I would like a zig zag and would like to go to the 9" frame. I can't justify what sailrite wants for no more than I use it. There is one on Ebay for around $475. I think they are all the same, Sew Strong, Omega, Rex . But I also noticed that they have just the head listed for around $340. ,It says "walking foot" but from the picture I cant tell, I have a table with a Singer 20su that should fit in it. I sent the company a e mail asking if it was really had a walking foot but no answer. There is no name listed for the machine and shipped from Calif. (probably a ware house for China products.) I can't find anything on You tube about it. Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. I feel your loss,. I had a stray cat show up, and showed up every day for 15 years to ride to work with me. When I went on a service call she rode with me. When at the shop and the church bell rang 12'oclock at noon, she would come and get me and tell me it was time to go eat. She was 18 and passed on about a month ago. Pets make the world a better place.
  4. Is a Singer 20U powerful enough to make wallets on. What is the heaviest material you could sew on it? I have found several tow and truckers cargo straps over the years along the road. Most are chewed up on the ends. I have been taking them to a local upholstery shop to have a loop sewed in them but is sort of expensive. I use them on the farm . They are handy for tying down brush, wrapping around small trees and shrubs and pulling them out. Some of them need the ratchet sewed back on. I have had a few tow truck drivers ask me if I could patch up theirs. I ran on to a Singer 20U. (waiting for some needles to arrive) and just wondering if I could make a couple dollars with it sewing up things like that. It has the zig zag. Or would an old Thompson (about same as Sail Rite) be better. (no zig zag.) I know you don 't like multipliable questions on here but I am going to throw one more at you. I really admire the handy work and talent of many of you fellows on here and the time it takes to make an item. But my question is, how can you make any money on that when you can go to a flea market or Facebook and buy a nice wallet or belt for $7. How do you market your product? I am 81, self employed for 50 years, owned my own business but a few months ago I sold it on Doctor advice, as I was just too old to be doing manual labor. So I am just looking for something I can do till they plant me on boot hill.
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