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  1. I know this is old, but did you ever get an answer? Im in the same situation.
  2. Yes, however, probably not worth it from a cost and time perpective. Probably better off selling the 562 and buying a 563. However, if you do try this may help
  3. Well...wasnt in the market for another machine, but some deals are too good to pass up. Paid $500. Less than two years old, still has the plastic on the decals and not a sign of wear. Is putting down decent sticthes but plan on going through it anyway to get it dialed in and make sure everything is timed. Came with a servo motor, but I plan on upgrading to a brushless and adding a needle positioner at some point. Picture of servo
  4. Wow.....thanks everyone!! I appreciate the suggestions and will let you know how it turns out. Great point about the dowel rod and front site. That would have been a lesson learned the hard way.
  5. I have made several knife sheaths, belt pocket knife holsters and various other leather crafts, but never a gun holster. I'd like to make a belt style holster (see pic) but have no idea what thickness leather/thread to purchase - Im using a LU-563 clone for my stiching. Id also like to dye it black. Looking for some suggestions for leather to buy, where to buy, thread, dye and anything else I may need. Thank you!
  6. Thats for the tip on the sander- was using a razor blade....not that well might I add. Thanks. - Ill try the dowel rod!
  7. Still dont have any edging or brandishing tools, so the edges are pretty raw. Got too close with my second row of stitching, but way better thany first attempt. Always looking to improve, so feel free to let me know of you see anything that could be improved upon.
  8. Yes....and now I know what its called!! Thanks.
  9. Just finished my first leather project on my recently aquired LU-563 clone. The leather came with the machine and is roughly .10" thick. I used T-90 thread, and Weldwood contact cement in the assembly. Some stitches pulled through to the top side where the extra piece of leather in the middle wasnt wide enough to catch the thread, but otherwise Im happy with how it turned out for my first attempt.
  10. Suzelle -nice machine. I am curious, why the 92 on the bobbin vs 138? (Sorry if there is an obviois reason...still new the industrials).
  11. Nope, your 100% correct. Its a tree saddle - you sit in it and its roped around the tree and you use a small mobile platform for your feet.
  12. Thanks for adding me to the group. Mainly sewing hunting gear and custom climbing saddles. My primary machines until lately have been singer 15-91s. Recently picked up a clone Juki LU-563 for a great price. Just finished going over everything on the machine to get it dialed in. This included replacing the needle bar, swapping out the clutch motor for brushless servo, added needle positioner, timed the needle/hook, timed the feet, set max stitch length, adjusted the fwd/rev stitch to match the same hole and overal general cleaning. I mainly plan to make custom packs, and hunting gear but would like to try some leather projects as I get better with the machine.
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