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  1. love these before and after pics. Good for you to keep us up to date on the progress. As for belts.... others may balk, however I have had great luck with the polybelts that you can cut to length and melt the ends together. you can get custom fit every time.
  2. bed paint does not have much wear. that appears to be a low use machine. should clean nicely. I would not paint that. if the decal bothers you, you could always buy a replacement waterslide decal online. take pics
  3. Update: after timing all again per manual, I realized that the kick foot needs to be slightly lower than the small inside pressor foot. This allows it to push against the feed dogs. This is not stated in the manual and I forgot from the last time I had it working. All is good, thanks all for your quick replies.
  4. Thank you sir. I did try that as well. It was in the manual. I will try again and hopefully get lucky. The more I look at my foot it’s just not placing enough surface area on the feed dog. I’m sure that is not pulling the fabric back as far as it should. Will try to post a video, just need to look up how. Thanks
  5. Yes. I adjusted that yesterday. I think I will need a larger surface area feed dog to make contact with the kick foot. The main problem is the lack of feet available. Current feet are around 50$. Way too much for this fun project. I will try a different feed dog and plate combo first. Btw. I did look at the manual and all adjustments are correct.
  6. Is it possible to time the kicking foot to the feed dog stroke? Any help would be appreciated. The kicking foot is a little delayed causing a little shorter stitch.
  7. Thanks Cowboy! Thats what I needed to know. I guess you can just dremel down the full gib to allow thicker thread then?
  8. That’s my question. Pfaff list multiple numbers for hooks and gibs on the 145 parts list. I am questioning is it only the gib that’s really different?
  9. Are there differences in the actual hooks for pfaff 145? I am looking at hooks 91-010 165-91 And 91-010 850-91. Is the only difference the gib ( one is a full gib meant for “lighter weight material”). Or is there a difference in hook shape or something else?
  10. You are correct. Sometimes it’s easier to just know your exact dimensions. A lot of these machines were copies of copies. I am just glad it worked out. Thanks again.
  11. Update: was able to find a 6.3 mm needle bar on Amazon. Was cheap, however solid stock. Came quick. Install went fine. Now timed it to my standard 135x17 needles. Bonus. Now I have a needle bar thread guide. thanks to all who replied to my question.
  12. Ha. That’s it! Yes. Mine is likely the elusive pfaff 335 needle bar. It’s what a friend of mine was thinking. Uggh. Thank you for your time. I appreciate the effort .
  13. Uwe, thank you. I did see that parts diagram. The issue is that my 145 is quite older (black paint). The part # does not have the measurements. When compared to other newer 145s my needle bar it has a smaller diameter. If I call pfaff I will have to provide that part number and am sure they will send the needlebar with the diameter of 8.7 mm. It just will not fit. Does anyone else here have an old black colored pfaff145 that they can measure their needle bar? I am just trying to avoid paying for one just to have a wrong part sent. Thanks again
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