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  1. Friend of mine asked if I would be able to make a firefighting radio strap and holster. Was wondering if anyone on here may have a hardware list and possible outline/plans for one of these? Thank you in advance to anyone that can lend a helping hand. Cheers
  2. It seems that there are quite a few US companies that specialize in leather stamps. No Canadian companies I’ve found as of yet that specialize with those specific stamps. I’ve been in contact with a few US companies and have gotten the ball rolling. Thanks for the input.
  3. Thanks everyone. I think I will definitely break up the belt into manageable sections. I appreciate all the feedback. Cheers
  4. I’ve always used approx 4 times the length of my project for my smaller items. I have been wanting to venture out into belt making and like the look of a nicely stitched belt. I am unfortunately still very new at this and do not have the means to purchase a sewing machine. My question is how do you keep the excess thread when handstitching a belt in order. I invision having such a significant amount of required thread that it would be touching the ground. If anyone has any related videos or pictures of hand stitching a belt I love to see them. Thank you all
  5. Just trying to minimize some shipping and duty fees, as they all add up over time.
  6. Thanks Bert, my next sheath I will definitely be changing up the belt loop and try what you guys are talking about. Cheers
  7. Thanks Alpha2, the whole piece was hand stitched however I think I jumped the gun on the drying process and didn’t give it enough time. I am using stitching chisels. I was contemplating getting “pricking irons” although I have read mixed reviews on if they are good for punching all the way through the leather or just marking the leather? Could you elaborate? I have also been trying my luck at a few wallets and find that the chisels are a bit bulky and I was going to try pricking irons for a more refined look?
  8. Hey Mtlbiker, Thank you for the response. The stitching around the flap is strictly just for looks. I also read somewhere that adding the stitching (even without lining) can help with minimizing stretching overtime. This could be completely wrong, although I do like the look of it. The belt loop I am not pleased with. It is indeed just a flat piece stitched on. I really like the look of yours, but I personally have not mastered rivets yet so I’d probably stitch it. After dyeing the leather I added a light coat of eco flo carnauba crème. I am from the Belleville, Ontario area. Again thanks for the response and look forward to learning from everyone on the forum. cheers
  9. Any Canadian crafters on here that know of any companies making custom logo stamps in the great white North. Thank you
  10. First post from a new member! This was my first attempt at a wet molded sheath for my Gerber folder. It is not perfect by any means but I am looking to learn and develop my craft so please lend some feedback on points to improve. 5-6 oz veg tan, eco flo bison brown dye, ritza tiger dark brown 0.8mm. Thank you for checking it out and leaving some feedback.
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