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  1. Matt S would you happen to have a manual for the 45K21? I picked it up Sunday
  2. I’m not sure how I unhid my question, I’m still having trouble moving through this site and figuring it out
  3. I found a Viking industrial 33-10 that needs love, thoughts on this machine? Will it do a straight stitch? I know it’s mainly for fabric but will it sew leather? I don’t know anything about this machine or if you can still get parts for it but I’d sure like to bring it back to life just because I think it’s a cool old machine. thanks
  4. I never thought about turning the old clutch motor into a burnisher. That’s a great idea
  5. 155 after I redid it
  6. I did put a servo on my 111W155 and I like it a lot better then the clutch motor
  7. It does have a clutch motor and table and it’s been painted with a rattle can.
  8. Thank you, unfortunately I don’t have and pictures at this time
  9. Is $400 a good price for it?
  10. Thank you very much i have a 111W155 and a Cowboy Outlaw so I’m getting use to not having reverse. (Can’t miss what you never had) right? the one I’m looking at has a rattle can paint job on it and needs some TLC but the owner says it’s in good working order.
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