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  1. I'm really very sorry. Sometimes things get hectic. She's finishing up her school year and planning a wedding so her plate is pretty full. She is currently our of town for a class she us taking but she will email you when she gets back. I apologize for not letting you know. Thanks! I'm still learning to navigate this forum, for sure! Thank you for being helpful!
  2. Sorry, I'm not super adept at using this forum, I was speaking to you.
  3. I think we're on the right path. Is there a way I can put you and my daughter in touch with each other so you can work out the details?
  4. I think that's pretty close to what she had in mind. I'll send it to her.
  5. Okay! I will let my daughter know. You two probably need to talk about specifics.
  6. Really? Would it take a special sewing machine? Could they be sewn on by hand?
  7. Thank you! I will pass this on to my daughter.
  8. They are quite lovely and would be beautiful keepsakes if the dates were correct. I really hope we can find an answer. Thanks! I will!
  9. I have tried to attach a photo but the file is too large. I suppose there us a way to compress a file. I will research that this afternoon when we get home from church. Thank you! I will try that. My daughter has ordered 3 leather books for her wedding. One is for her to write her vows, one is for his vows, and one is their guest book. Unfortunately she wrote the wrong date so thr wrong information is embossed/engraved on the front. We're hoping it would be possible to make a "patch" with the correct information and maybe sew it or use rivets to attach it and cover the mistake. The person who did the original work is in another country and the wedding is in May. I don't think there is enough time to have them do the work. Thank you do much. I appreciate any advice you can offer.
  10. My daughter has three leather books custom made for her wedding. Unfortunately they have the wrong date. I'm hoping to find someone in our area who could fix them. Perhaps with a patch over the incorrect information? Thank you for any help you can offer.
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