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  1. Constabulary, I will definetly check on that. Thanks alot!
  2. Thanks anyway Wizcrafts, I'll keep looking.
  3. Wizcrafts, do you have a suggestion for finding a operating manual for the Singer 11-39?
  4. I have been trying to find out some info on a 11-39. A friend of the family has it and wondering whether to keep or sale. Are you familiar with that model? I have a post on this site with pics.
  5. Thanks Wizcrafts! Now I need to research which of those is closest to the 11-39.
  6. Thanks chrisash! Couldn't see the guide, but thanks for the info. Didn't know that SV stood for special version. The Singer website didn't even list that particular model.
  7. I have a friend of the family that has bought a sewing machine. I cannot find any info on this particular machine to help them out. Just wondering if anyone knows anything that may help. Thanks in advance.
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