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  1. I use actual hockey pucks. They aren't heavy (6 oz) but you should be able to find them in sports stores for cheap. Prices have doubled during pandemic, but they are still cheap - $2.. There are 10oz pucks but they are not a common. Can find them in a lot of sports stores or on-line. Hockey pucks also make good punch blocks. Solid vulcanized rubber. Hard enough to hammer on but soft enough to not dull tools. Also useful for setting up decorative rivets. Easy to drill / carve out the shape you need. Hard enough to set the rivet but soft enough to not damage. Up here in Canada, hockey pucks are wonder tools. even used them for body work on cars :-)
  2. My understanding is that Tokonole does not penetrate the same way water or gum trag do. As a result you can used it to burnish most chrome tanned leather because you polishing the Tokonole rather than burnishing the leather. I made a bag out of the OA split plank and could not burnish with gum trag or water but I was able to burnish with Tokonole. Below are a couple of videos that I found on burnishing Chrome with Tok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGtVrUcUdYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9TBhL0D7gI For my watch straps I either use a large clip that is designed for closing chip bags OR, I use a 2x4 that I've cut a slot into. Depends on my mood as to which I use. :-)
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