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  1. Still having a hard time with the picture uploads. here is the back.
  2. I had a request for a hip/belt bag with leaves in the design. I should be big enough to hold a cell phone, have a pocket for ID/cards/cash, and a spot to store chapstick! I used some veg I had left from my guitar strap, watched some youtube for ideas, and came up with this. I started to rush near the end of the project and this caused some mistakes. I had originally wanted to do a hidden magnetic closure system but didn't plan that out appropriately so the clasp was an afterthought but I think it turned out nice. I know what I like and dislike about it. What do you see? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  3. I like that! Especially the dark color combo. Great job
  4. I did see Weaver was in based in mt hope maybe? I did not see a brick and mortar retail shop. Do you have more specifics? How do we direct message?
  5. Ideas worth sharing! Thanks for coming to my ted talk Nice setup. Those mags might have too many pages for most states
  6. That is a cool recycle project. Of course after viewing the finished bag pic my brain went straight to corset or chest plate. don't mind me....
  7. This is reproduction gold! Thank you for sharing. I need to create a makers mark and this sounds like a great way to keep costs down for now. Pretty sure I have some modeling clay around here somewhere....
  8. Thank you. Quite the practice in patience and thread management.
  9. I want to mess with getting different colors. Does thinner lighten the color with those dyes? When you use the thinner do you notice less rub off too?
  10. Thank you. I went soooo slow with everything because my anxiety was so high. I am sure I will have major failures along the way too but now that I am hooked and know what some patience can produce mistakes should be much easier to deal with
  11. Thanks man! I posted on twitter and caught the eye of a luthier I follow up in the high desert. Making more soon and going to see if I can get exposure in that custom market.
  12. Thank you! I see you aren't too far from Akron. My buddy will be showing off my piece (an his music lol) on stage in a couple of Tuesdays at the new downtown R. Shea brewing location.
  13. I love tooling the simple dragon heads and weaves. They can both be super satisfying and can be as simple or complex as you are comfortable with.
  14. Thank you. A cutout design seemed like a good place to start with the contrasting colors. I tried to make it straight edge easy cuts on this one. Already have another idea in my head that is not so easy. ha!
  15. Headed to the local Tandy to grab another econ side this weekend. Soon I would like to pick up something exotic/more refined but I want more practice first. That addiction to tools is real and you are correct! The list of wants is growing.
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