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  1. So this punch of mine is a Maun 2230. I managed to source replacement punch tips for it (part number 2230-01) but I have no idea how to replace. Sent an email to Maun but no response yet.
  2. Yes I did cut the post, tried different lengths, to almost flush, it seemed about 1/8th or a bit less looked the closest to it mushrooming over.
  3. Thank you, had to try it for myself. Setting the washer was super easy with the press, but using the tool (found a Weaver one) to dome/peen it is very difficult, almost impossible.
  4. I have a Maun rotary punch with non replaceable punches, and it definitely could do with a sharpening. But how? Do I need to sharpen the outside and inside? Can I use a round file? Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the responses, were those using an arbor press? Checking the local leather store whichever one they have in stock and going with that setter.
  6. Hi all, I want to incorporate some solid copper rivets into a few pieces I am making (small, probably a #12 or even a #14), and I was wondering if I can set the burr (with either an osborne/weaver/buckle guy setter) using an arbor press? I have a two ton arbor press that I use for setting snaps and other types of rivets. Has anyone done this? I couldn't see why it would not work, but then again I am still a beginner. Thank you.
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